If you need to submit a bug report, please send the output from this option. In -ru1 the start timestamp is actually the timestamp of the first character received which is possibly more accurate. How long does it take to process a MPEG file? Does anyone know how to extract teletext subtitles? What’s a bin file? If I only get a. For example, the command: While looking for other solutions I came across another media centre program called gbPVR which you might be interested it.

It’s just included in the program itself. What’s the point of generating separate files for subtitles, if they are already in the source file? If there is no such window, then no text will be added. Did you try using gstreamer? Hi again, Actually I’m the kind of guy that doesnt accept that there is no work arounds available The GUI source code is provided and can be used for reference. Just run it without parameters and you will get complete details. Last edited 9th June at

How I do use subtitles once they are in a separate file? If used then CCExtractor will close the output file after writing each subtitle frame and attempt to create it again when needed.


Email Required, but never shown. Note that 1 line is not a real mode rollup mode, so CCExtractor does what it can.

Teletext and subtitle support?

AV and Multimedia Related Thread. I know the atv contains both subtitle in danish and teletext Hojgaard New member Jan 9, What’s a bin file? I play the movie in my Xtreamer which can play.

The GUI source code is provided and can be used for reference. What platforms does CCExtractor work on?

Ubuntu Manpage: CCExtractor – closed captions extractor

For IPv6 use [address]: Burned-in subtitle extraction -hardsubx Enable the burned-in subtitle extraction subsystem. This is the default in Windows builds. Notes on spupng output format: MC-TVConverter uses CCExtractor to extract the subtitles and the developer has not implemented the feature to extract subtitles from recordings from Europe my location.

Did you try using gstreamer? Can CCExtractor generate other subtitles formats? A good thing about Open Source is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel unless you want to or unless you think you can come up with a ’rounder’ wheel.

Thread starter Hojgaard Start date Jan 7, Is there any way to get to see the subtitles on a DVD, or on a media streamer etc? Feel free to submit samples that cause problems and feature requests. Only useful for for debugging purposes.


You can have a database with all your subtitles if you want there are many availableso you can search the dialogs. How to extract dvbsub teletext subtitles? How can I contribute to this project? In general, if you want English subtitles you don’t need to use these options tletext they are broadcast in field 1, channel 1.

About CCExtractor

Where can I download it? Use this parameter if you prefer your own reference.

Obviously, it depends on the computer and the length of the file. When such data is available, CCExtractor will set its time reference to the received data. It’s just included in the program itself. Hi Hojgaard, Thanks, but how did you manage to go to ts from wtv without loosing subtitles? You can pass as many input files as you need.

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