Do a [Get Info] and look at the “Format”. Rules Don’t be a jerk. I need to access it on MC 8. The media attached to that clip’s corrupt. Is this going to be a problem? Sometimes, a relaunch isn’t enough and I have to power the Mac down. Want to add to the discussion?

Avid error — Exception: Performing an extract operation takes about a second before anything happens. I worked with Sorenson tech support most of last week trying to get the x codec to work on my windows Z, the HP workstation works with the MainConcept H. Also does Avid mind which slot in the tower houses the system drive? I will try updating my Avid just to make sure though as the ProRes was sourced externally and I would have to request a new one. Is this the best I can do? The media attached to that clip’s corrupt.

Any ideas on how to get rid of these slowdowns? I need to access it on MC 8.

Requests should be made using the web form available at http: Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Try exporting each, one at a time.

To get your page listed on the Wiki index page proocedures drop a note in the Mod Mail and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible. No, we don’t want a discord channel. Other clips won’t color correct like that. This is occuring on 2 different workstations, a third with Avid DNxIO harware does not give the error. Contact us about this article.

Avid error – Exception: Movie export from procedures FAILED! errcode – Avid Community

Admin of the German Avid Community on Facebook. FileDebugDump – bad sample: This is a bug!? AND how long you expect the job to take. It’s pretty pointless, takes a very long time to export, and is really just a waste of space.


Is this the best I can do? We’re about to start cutting a feature length documentary and have a whole heap of different cameras we’re going to be using. This is a subreddit for people who make their living in the field or are trying to.

Hi, First ever post in Avid Community so please be gentle! I’m pretty certain it’s got something to do with the CPU, because this is what the resource monitor from Windows shows me during slowdowns: I guess really what I’m asking is, are there any useful techniques for manipulating bezier handles?

MPEG Streamclip is slow as hell and with re-encoding you lose quality, could create shiftings in color, lose time and so on. Had this literally yesterday.

Avid error – Exception: Movie export from procedures FAILED! errcode 4294965262

I can’t even submit a post to the Avid forums because my account wont work because it keeps telling me i have to link it. Take note of the “target data rate” e. Sometimes it won’t let me color correct at all says color correction can’t be added to filler — even though I am trying to correct a clip and not filler.

I was just wondering if the duplicate clip names once Transcoded and sent to the MediaFiles folder are going to be a problem when we relink the originals. Your advice was very much appreciated though as I now know steps I can take the next time it happens! Now that there are custom groups in the Audio Mixer, how about just adding a “Apply gain to group ” option when right-clicking on a group?


For people that get paid to edit film, video, television, etc.

The timeline in Media Composer lags an awful lot. NEMFileWriter has detected upstream pipe stall.

Similar sized Quicktime files transcode without a problem. I haven’t had a chance to check for other MP4 based clips, but I suspect it will be the same. I’ve read some possible solutions to this such as setting the Tape or Camreel manually on import but does this help and if so could anybody walk me through it? Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Is everyone else connecting to these boards the same way, or are you manually setting up IPs?

Rules Don’t be a jerk.

Always transcode transcode to the appropriate Avid-based codec before you begin a project. Once you find the clip, mix it down expirt batch import. Please feel free to add and edit pages, and list requests in this thread.

Thu, Mar 8 9: Tue, Mar 6 3: Avid crashed at different points of each reel when I try to consolidate to an external drive.