When the big decisions are made It Is the hand of selfish economic Interests that cracks the whip. Metropolitan Church, Friday June p, 8 p. First, all bailies and all wars are won in the end by the infantryman Secondly, the infantry- man always bears the brunt His casualties 1 are heavier, he suffers greater extremes of dis comfort and fatigue than the other arms I hirdly. They say that the state they have in mind would be an all powerful one. Victoria Oak Baj a noionmis conrenirsuon ramp rruinned the Mauthausen camps and Mauthausen they are being dragged out of hiding One of the murderers. S8 a unidentified men, were captured In minion Department? In her report, she emphasized the growing importance of fostering Victoria’s young talent which Is too often forced to go out- ‘side Canada for recognition.

They estimated , would be wagered cm the race by post time. Prompt Goodsell Realty B. Hay Rakes, Cream Separators. Conditions Indicate that more plckerv will be needed next week. A spokesman for the British Foreign Office ad- mitted It would be “some time” be- fore a control commission could be set up In Austria, which the Allies stripped from Oermany in yester- day’s rigid declaration A correspondent of the Press As- sociation said that “steps are now being taken to move Allied troops to their own areas. F Amyot, provincial health officer, staled yes- terday that Investigation had re-.

In the column at left is an explanation of the eveilved between Family Allowances and Income Tax deductions for children. London, on April l 1 last which goes movke to readjust the I balance among all fighting services and de- velop what is due. The mastrr artist mixes her colors In the brush, and with but a few seemingly simple strokes, produces an effect combining harmony and colorful simplicity Her works deal with landscapes, buds, animals and natural life, and are dour on pure sUk.


Announcements Young Men and Women! If you want to receive your first cheque, register now. I SproulL Coffman Mnntragudo. Some interest was displayed in Dominion wartime issues, which had a firmer evveilded, but prices were not changed. The action was taken following re- O T.

Sizes 1 to h. Victoria and You Vote for and. One objective was the building up bald prayers at Royal Oak Burial of the Industrial, agricultural, bust- Park at 3 pm, where Aldermen ness and cultural life of Canada Davies. Andre Gurrbef, of Libera- tion says that the information came from Alvarer Kovie la terra.

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Tea waa served under the convenerihip of Mrs F. Short cover- ing and commercial buying caused a rally during the final hour but the recovery was not complete. Three Landlords Obtain Premises Two landlords who a. Port Btrete O Parliament approved the principle that there should he no duplica- tion of benefits by way of Family Allowances and Income Tax credits for the same child. Seattle —8 12 2 San Francisco 11 3 Batteries: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

These eveildef just the thing for lazy Summer lounging at home or abroad. I w]ff V pssteurued for purity. Visibility was barely more than 2W feet on Sunday afternoon.


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The garden contest will be Judged this week The president. A selection of new styles for the youthful woman — radiantly lovely in bright, fascmjtmg prints that will meet your approval on light The Women’s Parish Guild.

US If nn llilli Jf. If you have not registered, and intend to do so, please act at once! They say that the state they have in mind would be an all powerful one. Safeway Fuel, dsy E M4J.

Curclnello, While Hoi J7 no is tt ns atten. Mail sub- scribers are requested to make all remittances direct Uf The Daily Colonist Subscribers in ordering change of address should be particular to give both old and new addresses. There will mobie a tea and sale of work In the audi- torium.

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If you intend to apply for Family Allowances but have not already done so, please aa at once — in the interests of your children. Aircraft Battery, which he com. Remember, the first cheques will be mailed in July, but only to those who have regis- tered and are eligible to receive Family Allowances. Pinkhim’t Cempcund move — with Hmde.