The parts assortment for the Unicorn Girl is pretty good. It has been a very long tradition and yet they are able to retain the charm and excitement, until today. Otherwise, this review will never be make as a reality. Posted August 1, Thanks so much for the review! I gave it a “5” based on my Review Score Card. It is rather similar with the Musketeers design template.

Who is feeling hungry? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I am neutral with the rest of the distribution and I really wish that some of the lowest probability distribution point like the Jazz Musician, Scarecrow and Grandma can be given slightly more in quantities. Got to change my original thoughts on the female cyclops, she is waaaay cooler then I thought! Series 13 may be one of my favorites released by TLG, and your review does nothing but help that image. Flickr has finally created a single page with all these settings , this is much easier to do now and is the preferred method – it will shut down all API driven sites. Not really very strange to me, at least you can lie the Gingerbread Man in a flat position.

Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer. The person in the Piggy suit is just simply too adorable. Thanks for the amazing review Whitefang!

REVIEW: LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 11 – Special LEGO Themes – Eurobricks Forums

I will like to point out something and bring to your attention. As always, we shall do a re-cap for all of the past Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures polls once more. Collectable Minifigures Series 4. Then come several rounds of approvals, where the engineers start creating the new molds and decorations, and we have to verify that all of the characters and accessories are looking and behaving as we want them to. As always the fabric skirts look bad Now we could all sit back and see how this numbering will evolve in the near future.


Collectable Minifigures Series 6 The Rock Star entire outfit is just brilliant with his jet black gloss looking facade.

The mythical Battle Goddess euroobricks one of the minifigure that I look forward the most. Army building the pigglets and gamers instead of the hun warriors and battle godesses is not such a bright idea in my opinnion. Did you manage to grab some of these latest brick built blind packets?

Buying one full complete MISB box will allow you to achieve three maximum complete unique sets. So many favourites afng time, especially the video game guy, as he is a sweet reminder of my youth: The red mug with the print, ‘Dunk Me’ is equally great and such mug designs are always much preferred than just mono looking ones.

But it did and it is even more great than series Overall, I find ehrobricks series to be a little weaker than its predecessors similar to Series 8, but I am not complaining that this series is not living up to my expectations as each of these new minifigure’s design will be sought for by every different LEGO fans.

Despite of the Mr.

Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 15 review finally showed up on Eurobricks

To be honest, the only things I like here are the new card and pizza tiles. Some great figures here! It has been a very long tradition and yet they are able to retain the charm and excitement, until today. I really felt that she could be much suitable as a resident within the Monster Fighters Theme.

He also donned in his protective long sleeve jackets and heavy duty leather gloves together with his wielding helmet to protect his eyes against from high UV light. I am truly glad that I am able to see the end of rainbow and able to share this reviewing achievement with everyone once more.

Whitw new 1×4 printed wooden pattern tile is brilliant. The pretzel is still a nice repetitive accessory which is first seen with the Series 8, Lederhosen Guy.


REVIEW: LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12 – Special LEGO Themes – Eurobricks Forums

Fantastic Review for a fantastic line. Parts assortment The parts assortment is decent and the inclusion of eurobrricks binoculars and the burnside buoy which will aid his rescue. And one of the twoers from this series should have been the lady robot who is the lamest.

The Galaxy Trooper disappointed me. For a history guy like myself, series 12 really hits the spot. The parts assortment is good which allow the Space Miner to focus on building up the capabilities of mining resources in deep space. Collectable Minifigures Series 6 The package color issue isn’t important, though I’m not sure why purple has to be skipped in the first place. This minifigure would either make or break.

Parts wgite The parts assortment for the Fsng is surprisingly good. The impartial Sheriff has a reputation of not liked to be messed around with, especially to his Sheriff’s badge which is a sign of disrespect.

I deries very glad that this ongoing reviewing project is still being continued after all these years. I have only commonly seen this attire in Germany where many young women are seen wearing during the period of Oktoberfest in Eurobridks. Would work well for a kids birthday party I recon as well as other uses in a more fantasy or traditional setting. I will like to take this unique minifigure to be used in my LEGO collection by placing it in my Adventurers and Prince of Persia to let him carry out his snake charming trade in the bustling market street.