A lot of it is set during the day, but there are some very dark nighttime scenes that are a challenge for any projector. If the black levels were improved significantly, then this might go on my list. The only caveat is that you can’t run frame interpolation if you want fast response times; using FI increases lag to just over milliseconds. Even watched Star Wars to see if the black space with stars would look washed out and it was acceptable. Dynamic mode, selected automatically at first startup, is a touch greenish but otherwise acceptable whenever maximum light output is needed. This is a bonus for the die-hard 3D buffs in the audience.

Optima HD30 and Benq w I’m very practical, but also have high standards. It is still easy to hear the fan from a few feet away, but any kind of sound system will drown it out easily. Posted Feb 15, 4: With no gamma presets, you really need to leave the contrast at 50 for decent performance. If the black levels were improved significantly, then this might go on my list. Tried it out last night with some sample material and going to mount it going to try the “blutac” method you described tonight.

Viewing Experience The Home Cinema performs similarly to how the Home Cinema did, though there have been some notable improvements.

Especially noticeable is the difference in ANSI contrast ratios. Unlike the earlier model, it also include Frame Interpolation, Detail Enhancement, ppwerlite to 3D conversion, low input lag, and advanced noise reduction. The contrast ratios are better, the image has more pop, and the calibration controls perform better. Crisp clear natural colour.

Each unit is different. Setup and Brightness Setup is typical, with a manual focus and a 1. I am rather sensitive to the rainbow effect, so no DLPs please. The compact size makes it easy to place the in the room which is important because of a feature it lacks: Home Cinema and Projectors — Hardware Tour. I used some sample white material before deciding to go with the grey. The Home Cinema has the same smooth, natural, balanced picture found on the Home Cinemaas well as the same inexpensive lamp replacements.


Epson Home Cinema Projector Review

At full power, the Home Cinema produces a low-pitched rush of air. Is there a better alternative in this price range? Input lag describes the time it takes a signal to reach the screen.

Dynamic mode, selected automatically at first startup, is a touch greenish but powerlige acceptable whenever maximum light output is needed. These are very subtle differences that are only really noticeable in a direct side by side comparison.

However, once you get into the meat and potatoes of the machine, you start to realize that the Home Cinema is an entirely different beast.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2040 Projector Specifications

Epsson also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Posted Oct 19, Have not evaluated 3D yet.

I think the may be the right projector. Posted Mar 16, This effect was especially pronounced with the iris set to High Hone, though it was still visible at the lower speed setting. The combination is easily enough to make it our Editors’ Choice for p 3D home-entertainment projectors.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema – Projector Reviews

At this price the PowerLite is a great value for those looking for a high-end model and don’t mind making small sacrifices in image quality and fan noise. The only way to get your individual unit tuned to its best is to have a professional do it.

In a room with ambient light, the slight inaccuracies rpson noticeable, and most users won’t feel the need to do a calibration. If the 7, hour figure holds up, that would work out to eight hours of use per day for the next two and a half years.


Bright Cinema’s lumens also came with improved color accuracy despite a slightly blue tinge. Refiew dark scenes this difference is apparent with lighter blacks and a slight flatter look. Unfortunately the cinema standard is 16 Foot. The adjustable front leg felt a bit flimsy, but we didn’t run into any durability issues in our testing or in scouring online user reviews. Even in moderate ambient light, it would be bright enough for a inch image.

Now, with that said I did take whatever steps I could to increase the black level. Extention Tube can be purchased with the mount and generally are 1. But I intend to use the theater room for movies and gaming, not casual TV watching so the fan noise poweelite more than acceptable for those uses. In the case of the Epson Home Cinemawe have passed on calibrating it.

As a result, the projector and audience are often in fairly close proximity. It also helps that the is bright enough to throw a reasonably large image that can stand up to ambient light in a living room or a family room.

Another feature that the Epson includes that most projectors in this price range do not is motion interpolation. Are you recommending to add it while ceiling mount the ?