DD Made me remember how cool and refreshing he was, it’s a shame he played major role in only one arc. Plus he did them a favor as they worked in pairs and were protected from their villages hunting them. Naruto shippuden eps sub indo sumber video: Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I kinda miss the old fighting, this monster stuff is just not naruto anymore but like mechas fighting. Hagoromo and Hamura vs Kaguya! Next episode we will see again the best fight ever, and I guess we will return to the War. Actually, the novel this arc is based on was written by Takashi Yano so you could still consider the game version as canon.

Yeah they were forced to join, but other then that they all had a lot of freedom to do whatever they want while in the Akatsuki. Missed Deidra’s “Art is, Explosion! Lelouch Next episode will be the last episode of this story, so we, indeed, will return to the war after next week’s episode. Surpised that Hidan used to be so stylish: What do you guys think? Adu taijutsu dan ninjutsu?

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Naruto Vs Pain indoenisa koonanlink: Hope we get back to the war post next episode. He gained immortality from his Jashin’s religion. The episode ends here. When Deidara said “Is that where you’re from, my man” it made me lol hard. Notify me of new comments via email. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: So Akatsuki is all together and Adu taijutsu dan ninjutsu? These explode stopping the attack.


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But aside of thisI’m enjoying everything. Hidan looking fresh to death this episode. Though I can’t remember whether he was just waiting there until “Madara” needs him, or he went there solely to help with the plan. Itachi doing the vocals hahaha.

The only part that I don’t agree is Hidan’s clothes cos wearing stylish clothes is not practical for Hidan since he always ends up covered in blood. Hopefully Pierrot will adapt the rest of the manga in one go without any filler breaks. D All in all, I really enjoy this Akatsuki stuff, it’s nice to get some more material kpnan the bad guys. Those clothes are so modern for a villager!

Hidan looking fresh to death this episode It reminds me of Gilgamesh’s outfit in Unlimited Blade Works, more Jashin-sama is always good regardless Moe Deidara also needs to be mentioned Overall, the Akatsuki part of this arc hasn’t been as enjoyable as the beginning but I’m looking forward to the conclusion with both of Itachi and Sasuke’s fights, as well as the legendary Kabuto moment. Sasuke dan kadara vs kabuto full fight sub indo N-HD Chanel 4 months ago. What can I say.

Naruto vs momoshiki sub indonesia 5 kage,sasuke dan boruto Anime IDN 7 months ago. BBCode I’m no special story or anything. Email required Address never made public. I liked the episode. D I like to watch about Akatsuki.


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So I guess this arc is the official canon story line of how each Akatsuki member joined, cause in the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game Creation of the Akatsuki segment they joined differently even tho they said it was made my Kishi.

Nice seeing how some of the Akatsuki members were recruited. Yeah they were forced to join, but other then that they all had a lot of freedom to do whatever they want while in the Akatsuki.

The first Naruto ep ive genuinely enjoyed in a while. Luckily, Naruto uses his chakra arms Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Tobi had then told Konan that he had encourage Yahiko to establish the Akatsuki to carry out this purpose, he also mentioned that he was the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan, Konan gets shocked and just unleashes herself to Tobi to destroy him.

Itachi Uchiha Vs Kisame Hoshigaki (HD)

Anyway really enjoyed the akatsuki arc so far! Animation Quality strikes again. Momoshiki didesak dan kemudian disegel dengan Notify me of new posts via email.