Ford insisted that the new DOHC engine had a life expec- tancy of at least 10 -years. Small businesses tend to pro- vide part-time jobs which are less per- manent and which offer lower pay than the big industry jobs the unenb fled as small businesses. Each Door of a car park could a ttract a higher panting charge, with the market value erf spaces on an indicator board outside. The Victor VP is super- a tougn snap-open case. Reuter reports from Colombo. In 19S alone the Academy will be giving 70 concerts in over forty Euro- pean cities. One reliable measure of sew firm starts is the number of businesses registered for value-added tax.

To attend and vote at tbe Meeting, shareholders whore shares have been r eg ist ered in the names of n ominees must temporarily re-register. The new engine, the develop- ment of which was announced in , was scheduled to go into production in , bat its introduction has been delayed, not least by the changing envi- ronment surrounding emis- sions legislation. If the US economy really is slowing, there is less need to raise inter- est rates; but this sort of think- ing does not seem to be worry- ing the foreign exchanges at the moment So far thin year. Carpet Mills ofthe US in a deal worth. For them, a single European currency is simply the tool for political centrahsation -of power. Small business programmes launched since then have increased these numbers, though by how much is uncertain. Talk to your Independent Financial Adviser about fidelity’s outstanding performance or call us free now on 4l4l6l and find out why, when it comes to unit trust investment, Fidelity should be your first choice. Both year-old Gen Banzer and Mr Paz.

European companies would have to be able to oper- ate on the same basis in the US. They also believe that the pro- posed introduction of one “guest” draught beer into their pubs will mean rents will increase to compensate for lost sales of the brewer’s brands.

Today it has a. It’s even tougher to be toe cop performer across a group’s whole range of crusts. Residents of East Beirut have undergone almost con- stant artillery harassment by the Syrians since the ceasefire was declared and are still accustomed to living In shel- ters.


Expansion Scheme BBSIntroduced in to encourage private investment in growing small businesses, has reinforced and worsened north-south divisions in Britain – the opposite of what was intended – accord- ing to new research into the way the scheme has worked. Backed by massive investment in modem technology, Cookson companies world-wide supply a vast range of ceramic materials for the manufacture of fine china and tableware, tiles and sanitary ware, as well as advanced engineered ceramics for the steel industry.

Schizophrenia Aftercare Bin, committee. Mr Cheney’s comments, made, in a. The new engine, the develop- ment of which was announced inwas scheduled to go into production inbat its introduction has been delayed, not least by the changing envi- ronment surrounding emis- sions legislation.

The s saw the beginning of a more critical attitude to big business as the economy faltered. Official views have; however, evolved.

French Republic

And once they are big enough to be attractive to bigger cor- porations, they tend to be swallowed up by takeovers. An unr ealistic exchange rate, a sophisticated black market and the inability to service external debts have forced the formal economy to a near standstill Even, if Sudan bad toe political trill to service its debts it would be hard-pressed to do so.

Fort Campbell Federal Credit Union. Other computer companies claim to show you the future. Page 4 Sumndt delayed – Leaders of a new.

Back in the office, it’s fully compatible with desk-top PCs. Not on toe surface earth shattering news, but wait!

Cold War was over and called -for a joint Western response: The move is one of the first indications that Electronic Point of Sale Epos equipment, which is spreading across mul- tiple retail stores, will be used to control labour productivity as well as adjust stock levels.

To the dismay of left-wing MPs. But in context this seemed a small crftidam, seeing that it ma very longtime since I have heard thfa most famous erf the ifignon songs so eloquently shaped as a whole. Detailed deci- sions on how, and how much.


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Licensing Amendment Bill, second reading. Managers at the more than 40 foreign banks are now plan- ning to set up a co-ordinated body to handle sector pay negotiations next year, in the hope of avoiding heated dis- putes at individual banks.

Berwuz Lowndes Queensway Blbby J. The one hun- dred foot wide domed roof is painted to resemble an evening Spring sky over the city. The commission, the brew- ers argue, failed to understand that the important determi- nant is what people are willing to pay for a product. Not in blinkered technologies -as.

In the past two years, how- ever, the boom in the economy and the stock market has boosted pay and placed large capital gains in the pockets of employees of local banks and securities firms through employee stock plans. So were we right? It will start in Poland in October and then travel around Eastern Europe for two years, showing off toe nifftiest work of British fashion students.

Chesapeake Bay Journeys

Mr Louis Alva Castro, sec- retary-general of APRA and recently elected the party’s candidate for the presiden- tial election, said: The conse- quences of further prevarication could be disastrous. The Trafford Park Development Corporation Introduce plans for their new waterside development projects. All they did was bor- row the photograph vis the Goethe Institute, the, guardian of German culture, for once displaying its hearty, non-cere- bral side. Earlier dock strikes, such as the two staged in the summer offarted to attract gup.

More expensive than Japanese but you can go for a long time.

Mr John Blffen MP. He hoped that Prince Sihanouk would not be persuaded to modify his position following talks with his coalition partners.