I felt he purposely went to hug Rosario as a deliberate insult to Graciela. Juarez also believes it will be important for Miriam to be there since she also saw the would-be assassin. To quote Judyb, “if memory serves me right” I think it was, and when Carlotta came into the chapel, already dressed in black, she told her Demetrio really needed her at that moment because Monica had died. I always typed them lowercase. Medina and Basurto were in a different room. But, as Carlos always says, opinions may vary.

It looks like G is sooo hurt to the point of breaking down. What is done, is done. She stands on the ledge to the sound of a heart beat. Carmela her cellmate knew. Doesn’t it make you just want to shoot a taser at her? The vigil for her at the funeral home was the centerpiece of the episode, but she was hardly mentioned and featured in no tearful flashbacks. Does anyone know that she isn’t doing the same thing this time around?

Let me remind you this also affects my granddaughter too! Rod goes, and Max’ cell phone rings, it is wait for it, no not Vicki, it is Jorge, Pato’s therapist. He was overnight dependent on people bravoi take care of feeding and changing him like a baby–until Luciana came back into his life.

How can we leave him alone at such a difficult time?

Luci isn’t allowing that, no siree bob, she isn’t. Mariano joins Camila on the riverbank.


Akor can choose your bed…yes? Agustina may have done some stupid things but she didn’t deserve jail and she certainly didn’t deserve to die and will Cam feels guilty because she did it to save her?

Caray, Caray!

My brain was typing faster than my fingers. Who knew Brigida would be so good with kids, amazing. Pato wants to see with his own eyes where he found Mateo.

Gracie looked young enough in the flashback last night that he might have been a more logical choice. Permalink posted by Elvira, La Dama del Salon I am afraid that Adolfo will die both heroically and tragically since he is a killer and especially since he killed Monica.

RE’s descent into the hell of her own making is not going to be pretty. It appears that this particular outing will cost Nadia dearly. She goes to answer a knock at the door.

Claudio asks Oscar what he will do now. He was very much in love with her.

Valiant Love – Season 1 – IMDb

Had to laugh at Peddy and his shenanigans and his big epiisode grin, the man is pyscho! She is hysterical at this point. She will find the real ajor she needs with her new hunky hubby and with her new extended family.

If I was him, I would probably be erecting walls around myself. We all knew that, but Gala is only starting to learn it. However, it depends on whether or not this one finds an audience. Did her mother pierce her ears before abandoning her at the orphanage?


I promise you that you will be able to see Don Chelo whenever you want.

Hannah, formerly Torreslanda, now Jacinto, walks into the house with Mati. Camila accuses him of planning this from the beginning and he freely admits it.

Back to the cage match.

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Claudio and Luci invited Oscar and Connie to her apartment. They are all disillusioned with Yago. Loved Alexia welcoming Chelo into the family but as I feared our little Mateo did seemed overwhelmed and not really ready to leave Chelo behind.

He knew that their ultimate showdown would not be long in coming. Victor kissed Nadia again and again, as though he would never have another chance. Tonight she will give him half of the agreement convenio.

I just finished up the comments for Monday’s ep before starting the current recap and read where SN did not get a nom!!!!