Cant wait for next episode lolz! She thinks he is coming there. Plz let kalpi an raghav b together always coz this love story will make this show a hit. Find a boyfriend for Pakhi!. I so love the show. Vitthal says she is liking her work.

Anamika 12th Mar – I totally support that.. She says should I send it? I just wanna see Sahil Kapoor destroying. Scene 2 Pakhi goes home and see her toy prince and princess. Call it coinccident or luck that I said it in front of you. Barbie Dawson 11th Mar – 7:

TriniDiva 12th Mar – 8: An everyone want it so give they ppl wat they want. R u real voice debut artist of barbie movies. Kalpi opens the door a little. I so love the show. He says is that wrong? She is about to go when Raghav holds her and turns her face towards him.

Ek Mutthi Aasman 12th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Fay 11th Mar – 9: Nettu sasys something good has happened yesterday. When I was coming to your house I heard Kamla trying to convince Kalpi to go to the party.


Raghav sees Kalpi praying.

You should make her think on a bigger platform. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Pakhi says sir what happened yesterday. If paki gets mutthii happiness in life and kalpi gets all hardships repatedly just because she hails from poor family, it defeats the purpose of Ek Muthi Aasman and its very title and theme.

Sammy says where is your mind these days. The way she hugged her. Raghav calls her again and says Kalpana I need coffee. I really love shows with intense love triangles. Kalpi is siitng with the file. Kalpi comes in as well. Welcome, Login to your account. He says give her sometime to feel.

He says no can we meet in upxate He actually made a mess of things, because he hurt Pakhi who really does not deserve that treatment.

Written update Full Written Episode

Kalpi always seem to be a damsel in distress…she needs to be more self reliant. Vitthal says she is liking her work. He really does not deserve Kalpi and Paki is not responsible for what her parents did, so why does he want to hurt her?


I want a hot, good looking guy to come into the show for Paki…I still she is cute. Kamla says you work for the company. She says eo important.

Maya says so we are throwing a party for success of our project. Plz let kalpi an raghav b together always coz this love story will make this show a hit. Scene 3 Kamla gets a call and says how can you do this?

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