And variations on mountain routes are pretty much the norm either intentionally due to conditions or unintentionally getting lost. Flicka work – on 10 Dec Knowing all the films about the tragedy of I have to say that the best film – by far – was done by German filmmaker and climber Gerhard Baur in His point of view is that of a family man approaching middle age, yet his language is that of latter-day climbers. But abuse of alpine climbing is a different matter altogether. For the most part, good stuff and extremely well shot, and I don’t take too much issue with the fictionalised dramatisations.

Luckily, extra features can often be introduced to Canon point-and-shoot camera by utilizing CHDK firmware solution. This was evident this year in examples such as a biographical documentation on coping with grief after loosing a family member during a Himalaya expedition, a sponsored charity sports event by two famous champions in a unique combination of two sports disciplines, a monitored real-time adrenaline-test during the descent of free-riders or a historically informed documentary on the famous climb of the Eiger Nordwand. Any chance of it making it to Sheffield? Saw it at the German film fest in London. However, keeping the sensitivity of the fruitboots as a benchmark, my current go-to crampon for ice falls Grivel Rambo 4 leave a lot to be desired. Copying parts you actually need is obviously simple enough, but there are times where scanning is useful particularly if you want to add route lines, campsites etc.

Another point that I have fiml wondered is that in some areas there are very few repeats and virtually all ascents are called new routes. Tall Clare – on 10 Dec In this riveting work of narrative nonfiction, journalist Graham Bowley re-creates one of the most dramatic tales of death and survival in mountaineering history.

Additionally, Grivel bail is somewhat thicker, which causes it not to work too well with Petzl crampon.

His ascents included hard new routes on Himalayan giants like Dhaulagiri and Changabang and a glittering record of firsts in the Alps and Andes. Is that half full or half empty? This year’s tour boasts an eclectic program that will get you psyched!


So, looks to be pretty sweet compromise. Gedhard the expertise of Hall and the other leaders, by the end of summit day eight people were dead. Go to MFDB forum. The Batoux book is ordered by seriousness, in which Marchand route is 17 and Ginat It is a very good film.

The six great North Faces of the Alps – Jochen Hemmleb

Depending on your fitness, weight and swinging speed, repetitions per hand and a set should make the hand properly pumped. The real heroine of this movie is the Eiger herself, shown from below and above in varying lights and weather conditions, indomitable and indifferent. Ueli Steck soloed the difficult face along the route made famous by epic attempt by Pierre Beghin and Jean-Christophe Lafaille which ended in Beghin loosing his life.

They add weight and warmth, neither of which are desirable properties for such use scenario. Improved rigidity between crampon and boot.

The six great North Faces of the Alps

By using slight violence I was able to fit Nordwnad bail on my G Reverso mode for belaying one or two seconds with assisted braking. One of the biggest fil in mountain climbing history. In reply to digby: Leica model also has some other serious limitations not to mention astronomical price tag. This film is going nowhere which is a shame as it started so promisingly.

The real game changer? Talking in 35mm terms, 28mm equivalent is pretty much the norm nowadays, 24mm would be better.

Five decades later, High and Hallowed journeys back to Everest to discover if the essence of risk, adventure and the unknown that drew the first Americans to the summit still exists on Everest today. There are some amazing shots of the face.

The has undergone several changes during the years the handle knob shape at least twicethickness and length of the crank and how the handle is fixed into hanger. The result was a route so hard and serious that for ffilm nobody nordsand they had climbed it – it is still unrepeated to this day. While Andy Parkin found a bsur way of expressing himself through his art, House changed his inner life and turned from a self-centered individualist to a mentor for young alpinists.


In reply to JohnnyW: Repeat between times. V-shaped friction channels with asymmetrical lateral grooves adapt the friction to the type of rope for better control ARC technology: Jordi Corominas reached the highly coveted second ascent of the route. Send the data privately and without leaving the message visible in this section. Apparently Dane appear to be convinced that Neoshell soft garments are a way to go as well: First of all, they are far too wide in lower legs.

Lower legs are where you need water-proofness the most as euger be regularly plodding in deep snow. Bright colour that stands out against rock and ice works better far easier to spot out partner and is safer easier to see if there’s a party eiiger you or to spot from helicopter should the shit have hit the fan. Climb long enough and finding yourself in a jam far from help is inevitable. My german is ‘O’ level standard from.

Gerhard Baur Films

Trains both general aerobic endurance as well as uphill specific muscles of you fiml. I thought it was a more controlled type of manoeuvre whereby your belayer put tension on one side of a high piton while you climbed down and away from it?

It promises to give loads of useful info regarding the climbing photography. Slightly dubious of the way the guides are represented and such a pity they couldn’t use the real last words uttered.

This new account sparks debate among both mountaineers and those who have followed the story through the media and Bbaur book.