Fredric March – Tuesdays in March. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details. I should note it may not widely known that Kitt and Davis had actually, a few years before the making of the film, been involved romantically, and were engaged to get married before Kitt called it off. We have not verified that the email belongs to you. Anna Lucasta Sammy Davis Jr. Eartha Kitt sizzles in this film about a tough young woman who we first meet in a San Diego bar, fending off unwanted advances by sticking a cigarette into a guy’s neck.

When she and Danny return to retrieve it while the family is at church, they find Joe on his deathbed. A young woman who is disowned by her alcoholic father turns to prostitution to support herself; her scheming brother-in-law devises a plan to marry her off and make some money in the process. As you watch “Anna Lucasta,” you wonder how much of their real life relationship affected their performances. So has Sammy Davis Jnr. In , Columbia paid six figures for the film rights and Paulette Goddard starred as Anna, but the film was not a success. Sign Out My Profile. It is also on iTunes. Cabin in the Sky

Please Sign In again, to make changes to your account. As you watch “Anna Lucasta,” you wonder how much of lucastz real life relationship affected their performances. Calamity Jane — Movie Brief Encounter — Movie TCM Underground in March. Naked City, The — Movie While Danny goes to call a kith, Anna stays with Joe as he deliriously addresses her as though she were a little girl, calling her his “angel”, as he had before their relationship soured.


We have not verified that the email belongs to you. We found your email in our system.

Rex Ingram as Joe Lucasta. Adding to the stress was co-starring with former girlfriend Eartha Kitt, but Davis sent her flowers and took her to dinner, asking for her help since she was an experienced film actress.

Watch Sammy Davis Jr & Eartha Kitt Fall in Love in the Overlooked Rarity That Is ‘Anna Lucasta’

The film’s strange history is more intriguing than the actual production. Two months later, it opened on Broadway and ran for performances.

As Anna is alone in the family home after the wedding, Danny arrives, annx to her letter asking him to come. Sailor Danny Sammy Davis Jr.

Anna Lucasta () – Plot Summary – IMDb

Subscribe to our store newsletter for savings! Or, use your email account: Sign Up Sign In. And not having ever seen this production of “Anna Lucasta,” I can imagine that, in that version, Anna is probably just a sweet, wayward, virginal girl, whose occasional alcoholic drink is her only fault.

Brad Davis as American When Rudolph meets Anna, however, he’s smitten and they begin a romance. Gevinson, Alan Within Our Gates: She claimed later that Davis was never really in mmovie with her, but more in love with the publicity their relationship was lucastq for him.

Anna Lucasta

Anna consents, but after her arrival, Joe angrily rebuffs her efforts to rebuild their relationship. It was acceptable when she played Catwoman literally a comic-book character or in ‘Shinbone Alley’, in which Kitt actually played an alley cat, but ‘Anna Lucasta’ is a serious drama requiring some subtlety, and the words ‘Eartha Kitt’ and ‘subtle’ don’t fit into the same sentence. Please enter your information below to create your own personal account with tcm.


Just then, Danny Johnson arrives looking to renew his acquaintance kutt Anna. Meyer Robert Lawrence Production company. They were unjustly criticized by film critics when the film was first released decades ago. Login with Social Account: Anna Lucasta was produced by Longridge Enterprises, Inc. Tiffany Vazquez Intro — Anna Lucasta Add the first question.

A young woman struggling with a sordid past finds that her biggest enemy had larger demons than she did.

Ina young Englishwoman becomes royal tutor in Siam and befriends the King. Create Account Learn More. The other reviewer liked nobody. There are a couple of moments in the plot that stretch credibility, and it gets a little melodramatic for sure, but it’s also highly entertaining and deserves a higher average rating for the star power. eartja

Your social account may not have provided your email to us. We found your email in our system. Mar 30, Rating: Unlike every other stage or screen production of the title, this one has a mambo-dance number for sailor-turned-cabbie Danny Sammy Davis Jr. Matt Younger and his daughter arrive for a month-long visit to London for dirt-bike racing kovie unexpectedly, a new romance for the widowed Dr. Anna tells him of her ejection from the household—Joe had become angrily jealous when boys took interest in her, so he falsely accused her of promiscuity and threw her out—and confesses the truth of her life in San Diego.

Rudolph Slocum Rex Ingram