Fortunately, with the inclusion of other species teams this is becoming less and less an issue. Like you would expect, the Forge Fathers are slow but strong. Depending on exactly where the player is standing determines the number of points the team gets. This DreadBall Pitch includes score and rush tracks, subs bench, sin bin and location zones for card decks and action tokens. Now as much as I like this game, I have something to say about the miniatures. There are few things I would like to see from Mantic Games for the future of Dreadball.

Kickstarter is not a store. The Galaxy’s Greatest Sport 2. Since today is not the future, however, we are relegated to playing board games about this magnificent sport. There is some game play issues with some of the sculpts as they over extend their hex bases making it hard to keep them properly position on the pitch. The new options all make sense and fit in the DreadBall system. You will read about earning fan cards for hitting a dude so hard his spleen pops out of his forehead.

The board game version of this kick-ass game comes with two full teams of hard-hitting, no-nonsense bruisers who will wow spectators and be incredibly fun to look at, especially once you glue them together and paint them.

Their drawback is they have no Guards or Jacks to slam with and cannot go for the big point areas on the pitch. There can only be one cheerleader per space. They start with 1 card and have special rules concerning Coaching Dice.

Tolkien stuff in a non-Tolkien setting fantasy much anymore. Make a famous player your Captain, offering additional skills and abilities to your team.

Dreadball – Meeples & Miniatures

Made from futuristic neodurium well, thick cardboardthe high quality DreadBall pitch is your playing surface. Backers at this level will receive: The Nameless team is the Kalimarin Ancients a team that has two kind of Guards, a sticky and a hard. Fergus takes that philosophy and applies it to the pitch. The item will also be offered through our Mantic Points scheme, where you can claim free rewards, and remaining stock will be available through conventions or special promotions.


DreadBall Season 2 Review

A quick rules note, if given the games resource currency, Mega Credits, which are like Army Points in Dust Warfare a coach may buy additional players.

When I actually played Dreadball and found out, to my complete lack of surprise, that it was a crazy fun game, I was very happy that I had spent all that time painting the humans, and a little saddened that I had not put more time into the Orx and Goblins. It transcends the limitations found in a lot of sports games, moves incredibly fast, and keeps you engaged and in the game until the final buzzer. They also start with 2 cards and a Coaching Die.

The only other position on the Nameless team is Striker which also looks really good stat wise. Your email address will not be published.

When you look at the field and see five different deeadball, all equally viable but dreavball varying levels of long-term strategic value, you will see how a sports game should be made. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Be aware that all pledges that are confirmed after the pledge manager deadline will be shipped from the UK at a later date and will likely incur increased shipping costs.

That said, I think Mantic Draedball should do a much better job on their miniatures. They are the hardest of the slamming teams. Maybe they balance out in league play, but do think starting or how we played the last tournament, it obvious enough that even a new player can see it. It does have a bit of learning curve, but most of the basics can be understood in a single game. If they call a play that seaaon their specialty they get an extra die to succeed on the play call.

Meeples & Miniatures

It plays fast, it has fairly simple core rules but many tactical options, and it favors offensive playing rather than defensive play. Strikers are the star players who can pick up the ball, pass, throw, and score points for their team.


This speed comes at the cost of being able to pick up, pass, and score points with the ball.

This is the type of board game you talk about long after playing it and recall the crazy ways you scored, or pushed your team to the limit. With 2 balls flying around the arena, the madness never ends as coaches can take their team to the pitch to play ball all at the same time. If it does not and you’re not sure about the project, please don’t back it – the game will be released to reviee in It adds lots of fun new tactics and expands the game in a logical manner.

Fortunately, with the inclusion of other species teams this is becoming less and less an issue. The human team, the Trontek 29ers, is the standard in which to compare all other teams to. The game is brilliant fun. If you have not played Dreadbaall or are looking for a more detailed description of the rules, you can read my overview and review of it here. These subtle differences make this team seem like they stick more fundamental playing of defense and small point strike attempts.

This team esason the best at passing in fact, can pass further than any other team and scoring points. With the aid of this little cheat sheet-slash-booklet, we sped through our next game like it was on rails.

Exploding Balls and Slippery Pitch: Especially for the final week, we’re offering this fantastic value-for-money pledge level: Dreadball is a bad-ass sport where two teams of six players each sometimes seven, if you are cheating face off on a high-tech playing field and throw a metal ball at speeds up to miles an hour.

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