Meanwhile, Captain Hero, Spanky and Wooldoor, still drunken, drive out in the Foxxy 5 van to buy some more alcohol, but run over a ‘homeless’ man, who Captain Hero and Wooloor decide to bring home, while Spanky, being drunken, runs into the bushes. So the former Scientologists on Aftermath must be lying because Leah gave terrible answers on the Match Game? I will disconnect from them and encourage others to stop watching their movies and buying their products. Are you from central CA and spent time at the Portland mission? What matters is what you are doing NOW! If there is anything that you or Leah needs to help you there are hundreds of people on this blog, myself included, that will do anything we can to help you.

I remember reading that Cruise used to stalk Joe DiMaggio. From cradle to grave….. What are they getting from being Scientologists? How are these UGLY passages missed or over looked? Hello everyone who are in, out, those who have never been in. Even in thanking a person he makes it about him. Are the abuses you describe screened away from them?

This is an abberation of Catholicism, not the religion itself.

Credible apostates wayyy outnumber a few bitter bitches. With respect to the late Dr.

List of Drawn Together episodes – Wikipedia

Oh gosh, I forgot about the 2nd one, for Million Dollar Baby. He is someone to be commended. This cult is a real piece of work! So too John Travolta. Thank you again Victor. So stupid and cowardly. Thanks to paul, mike, leah, jason beghe and everyone who fights. CoS says of Leah: Somehow, I got out.

This says that there are a lot of people who know the true story but are afraid to say anything. Heck, Russia was able to use Facebook to swing our election! Because they had the means and power to knock this down in ways that others did not, and that kind of complicity and negligence will be remembered.


And if miscavige were benevolent, there would have been plenty of policy toyether tech he could have used or even altered to support that. Cut the xeason of love Hanging in the hole The only way to die Is cut the wings of love.

And thanks for this takedown of their lies. Thank you again for making me feel less alone. A Scientologist a womanwhom he knew, kept circling him asking what his crimes were, as he was recording.

I am so epissode. Oh thank you so much- I haven’t been to Disneyland in ages, and couldn’t remember where I first heard it.

Just the previews for 14 Oct have me wound up. But with this, all of them, all of them, said the same thing over and over and used examples to say the same thing. They had better hope you are in a forgiving mood. After discovering that his supposedly destroyed home planet still exists, Captain Hero contacts and reunites with his parents, who tell togethr the truth about why he was sent to Earth, mainly because he was apparently predicted to be the lamest superhero ever before being born, causing his parents to have an abortion.

There is nothing he could ever do at this point to restore any measure togetheg respect or affinity for him now. Thank goodness I never ran across Scientology. Jim was kookier than Little Dave but Little Dave is much more dangerous. How can these Hollywood stars be so ignorant and self righteous? This is something I often say to my kids and loved ones.

Leah, Mike and Paul have routinely accepted responsibility for being complicit in enabling cult crimes and abuses and have done so publicly, in a variety of forums. Please keep up the good fight! Feeding the homeless every Sunday night for 25 years?


Drawn Together Season 3 Episode 6

I was one of the lucky ones, Jen. We followed the words of a madman. Anyone here have legal info about this? Big corporations have tried to do this to whistleblowers and juries generally side with the individual victims and ask for damages for pain and suffering after they have been subjected to such attacks.

Scientology’s Response to Episode 6

How can they be so intensely out of touch with our cultural climate? They use any methods and elisode necessary. You can be excommunicated for horrible sins or ask to to be excommunicated for instance if you are marrying into a family like the Royal family and you have to adopt their religion.

I am sorry that Paul talks about feeling stupid, as he did in Going Clear. When an Indian casino opens up next door, Foxxy opens a strip club and ends up episoode with Clara for her father’s lovewhile Captain Hero takes part in fixed fights at the drasn so that he and Spanky can make a profit, until he betrays Spanky by going it alone to make a profit by himself. Kudos to Mike and Leah.

I have family members who have been legally and personally harassed and intimidated by them as well for organizing protests and rallies. Thank you Leah and Mike for another astounding episode! IYawn, that was an amazing insightful post. It is ipso facto. I can not wait until Epiisode has to eventually answer for his abusive behavior. Thank you for taking a stand.