I’m really hoping you know it. They all have troubled pasts, but while they need their pasts to give them the impetus to start a change, they also need to get behind it, or else their decisions will be tainted by their past. If I hadn’t seen the calendar in Eun-taek’s house when she’s having birthday party, I wouldn’t have known that it actually happened in or Yeah, hard to please, am I? I also gave away a smile when I realised that the chicken shop plot was a part of the ppl for bb. I’m expecting good things from this drama. Resistance developed and a nationalistic movement grew, culminating in the March First Movement in

At first, I thought it’s not long after he was killed, but then I realized the hair of some people has turned from black to white. Episode happened over 2yrs. The boy stares after him, transfixed. While this makes the most sense, a big part of me is hoping that there is a bigger plot twist because that approach is way too easy to figure out. Kiara November 5, at 8: Kang-to runs up to the judge in the hallway and requests to search his chambers for the escaped criminal. She is a high school girl with some supernatural power that enables her to see ghosts, reapers, goblins etc. Kiara December 3, at 4:

King Gwanggaeto the Great episode 55 – video dailymotion

I episore in the ending he wanted to prove to JDJ he can be trusted, fight against chaos. Basically she’s still high school age, in Korea.

The faithful servant and his grandson gape as Shin comes back drwmacrazy life, looking whole soldiier well. Shin had smiled at him, saying that for tonight he was happy: The production quality for the first half was amazing. Here’s hoping it stays good. Yes there is the internet, however I appreciate that you gave us something to start from or some information for us to have before we read the recapespecially if we haven’t had the time yet to research this part of Korean history in more depth for those of us interested in doing so.


Overall, loved this first episode.

Jewel in the Palace

PakalanaPikake December 3, at 5: Honestly just wish they would stop squicking me out with age differences. OMG i know who Gaksital is!!!! These writers are good at manipulating the viewers. First episode Gaksital really blow my mind. Then she is A big thanks for the recap, javabeans!

dramacrayz I loved the pilot episode for this show. This Confucian child is going against what he has been taught. At least we’re not there yet hope he can JDJ can at least work together to bring down Goryeo. Hopefully she stays that drramacrazy. Although it’s the first episode, i’m pleasantly surprised we already got to see some heart.

I was waiting for beanies reaction He’s the most loyal, loving, romantic and most of all, patient, husband one could wish for. Episode 45 Full Episode S 1: Been waiting 4ever for a drama I don’t know when it will appear. They need a cause they can believe in, if he doesn’t recruit them, someone else will and he won’t like the consequences of that soldiwr.

I acknowledge that the problem is in the character rather than in KGE as an actress.

The king orders him to stop advancing and die as a traitor to save everyone else. I’m excited for episode 2 recap!

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask hinted at action, intrigue, excitement, and thrills. Not being able to endure the torture, the merchant who sold the duck falsely confesses his crime. Luckily she’s not as bad as Lee Yeon Hee in Hwajung. I mean, it was kind of obvious. If the sword is pulled, may you return to nothingness and be at peace.

Shin initially ignores it, but the words ring in his ear and send him to the woman in the snow. I’m watching and praying they find some path that doesn’t include dramacraz romantic bent of super proportions cause ew. I think it’s from the drama’s OST.


Naah I don’t think BW is a sociopath. I was waiting for this.

As you said, the semi-cringey bubbly high school girl using a smile to mask her pain is very overwrought and overdone in Kdrama.

According to the timeline, it fits that DeokHwa’s grandpa is the adopted boy, which means Deokhwa’s grandpa looks like DeokHwa, who looks like the Goryeo boy who had a grandpa, servant of Kim Shin, who looks like DeokHwa’s grandpa. This is the prize I give to you, and the punishment you receive.

The queen lies in a pool of blood and looks at Shin in her dying moments.

Jewel in the Palace – Watch Full Episodes and Clips –

So far so good though. Sojuboy December 3, at 8: Bang-won finds her secretly admiring her new pair of shoes, causing her to turn eplsode business in order to save face. But Boon-yi brings him back to reality: I was waiting desperately for this drama to premier.

There is no but I did it for the greater good in that era. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

JDJ is upset because he realized that his plan wouldn’t have moved forward at all without those two and yet he was completely unaware of them while Bang Won knew everything. Nana December 3, at 8: That doesn’t mean I hate her, I just don’t connect with her and I would prefer someone like Jung Yoo-mi’s acting style the older Jung Yoo-mi.