Went back almost immediately to rewatch episode 1 and continue from there! Then, he takes out the real deal, says 15 years have passed and I will make you happy all my life. Sure it dragged a little, and the viel of unswitchness thingy was confusing but it was only for our benefit, to show the true feelings and just another way to show how the actors and actresses could potray 2 different people. I don’t see it. Except JW actually finds out about the fateful meeting which give the characters the satisfaction of knowing it’s “fated”and JG and MR didn’t about the phone call so only the viewers know And it was a near Win-win ending for both main male of the drama. Turning blind the technical flaws and all and just bask in the happiness of Raim and Joo won. Binnie nailed it to the T.

Even towards Gil Ra Im. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. My heart shattered into pieces because I will miss SG a lot, the feeling just the same like you lost someone you love or am I just exaggerated: Dude, he gets Sohn Ye-jin as a consolation prize? It was a delightful drama to watch when it wasn’t bogged down in unnecessary drama. A January 16, at Finally, the Ra-im of yesteryear, pre-wrist-grabs and buckets of tears.

Director Park is lamenting his lost job when Joo-won calls, re-hiring him and taking him eplsode his wing. I know it can be a pain in the arse but hang in there! Why do K-dramas always love to break my heart. Dramacazy Philip Supporting Cast. She decides to confront him, and hands him a coffee, saying he must be tired following her around in this cold weather. But I still don’t find Ra-im outstanding.


Hey, everyone’s entitled to their rant and rave? Every sec in this drama is wonderful.

I could not even go hiking. In any case, I would like to thank both of you super-woman-esque ladies for all of your hard work and awesome draamacrazy

Despite the flaws towards the end, Secret Garden was still a fabulous drama. Where do they learn this stuff?

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Thank you for the warning, I can see how I would have been completely lost. It is like they are meant to be together, come social status difference, come amnesia, come opposing parent and even time that sets them apart, they will find each other. A woman with no decent family background, no money, no drzmacrazy looks, is someone very special to someone who has everything.

Kang Chan Yang Supporting Cast.

Her sense of humor is dry and immature, which totally jives with mine. Just as I couldn’t stand Seul’s earlier crying scenes, Ra Im’s constant crying were getting on my nerves I have been following you since I found your this site. The secrett had its flaws here and there but what do you expect from a magic fantasy drama.

The comic body-swapping moments were fun. Aren’t these two dramas from the same writer?

[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 20, heartfelt happiness

Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. Yes, I thought the same thing. Too bad he has to leave. My new favorite kdrama couple. Notify me of new comments via email. And thank you so much for the recaps. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. With the excuse that I was hurt, I hurt you so much.

I really feel like giving Jongsuk or rather, Taesun a big bear hug now. Call me biased, call me blinded, episode 20 of Secret Garden is so prettily done, everyone gets a perfect ending, the ultimate finale we can ask for. I just never fell in love with Joo-won or Ra-im.


[K-DRAMA COMMENTS] Secret Garden Episode 20, heartfelt happiness |

Aww, good luck with real life! I just never considered whether 1 recapping a Kim Ggarden Sook drama makes any sense, and 2 whether I am capable of doing it. Seul sees him, and chases him down backstage. I too feel there were some loopholes like the dad reason and the amnesia. Sure it dragged a little, and the viel of unswitchness thingy was confusing but it was only for our benefit, to secrrt the true feelings and just another way to show how the actors and actresses could potray 2 different people.

I think the body swap was designed to make the story a little longer. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Secret Garden has to be one of my all time favorite dramas, and probably the only show I’ve followed so closely from start to finish. Ra-im gardej the dream, and laughs that it really did come true. This drama was recommended to me and I had a lot of ussues since the start.

About Gil Ra-im, a stuntwoman who dreams of becoming episove martial arts director, and Kim Juwon, a rich CEO of a department store, have their souls switched and a unique romance blossoms. I feel like the last episode was the writer’s fan service