As for Wang Hweng Bo, I can’t stand him. Among the vignettes after Dalyi’s execution, there was a single shot with a nude Dalyi. Thus when Wang crashes the funeral wake and gets into a fight with the attendees, chief officer Gu Ja-myung grows suspicious that he may be one of the foreign spies, and heads off to deal with the situation. Yong has manly tears of distress. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: But, I didn’t really like the first couple of episodes and definately preferred the other version. Han Hyo Joo Main Cast. Nnew experience to me.

The actress for “the return of iijimae” is also very natural in her acting. Swe Dol is worried at his disappearance, but Dani is not really caring. Swe Dol recognizes him, and in turn Shi Hoo recognizes his ex-stepfather, and Swe Dol stops the other two from attacking him. Meanwhile, Yong is unconscious and bleeding about the head after being bashed by Shi Wan. Please enter your username or email address. Return of Iljimae Favorite. Later, a third man joins them in their cell — Wang Hweng-bo, who has been beaten and threatened, but has refused to spill any information.

Gu is an intriguing character for me because he is nuanced and complicated, with conflicting traits. After a long climb, they arrive at their destination. Yes, that’s how I feel, too! He continues in his rant and we observe that his way of running a family is highly unconventional — letting his daughter do work while taking in an illegitimate son, but ironically, having a loafer heir is all too common.


Thank you so much for the recaps. An abandoned baby grows up and lashes out at the society that forced him into isolation.

Iljimae ep 1 eng sub gooddrama

I’m so happy to see this entry: However, Dal-yi explains that her father is usually silent and stern — her her talkative, sanguine personality is almost like an antidote for his reticence. Wow, Iljimae sounds wonderful.

Iljimae returns to the only home he has known and takes out his anger on the wealthy ruling class. Everything is just beautiful.

The Return of Iljimae

Iljimae threatens the guy, then kicks over stands and throws merchandise around. But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this issue here on your web site.

Iljimae begins to fight the injustices perpetrated against the common people, leaving behind a single branch of an apricot tree. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

He catches up to the girl at a waterfall, grabs her arm, and demands to know why she ran away like a guilty person. I have been viewing this drama each week as its being published on My Soju or Drama Crazy and what I’ve seen so far, I like.

Reeling from the betrayal, Iljimae wonders bitterly why he came.

Iljimae ep 1 eng sub gooddrama

Yong plunges into sub zero water as the ice breaks. I just love him, and his acting. Now I gotta look for soft subs and rramacrazy downloading episodes from aja-aja. Your email address will not be published.


Return of Iljimae: Episode 5 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The casting all around is pretty solid, in my opinion. Then, we also have his growing awareness of the female sex. Now understanding that thieving may not be a great idea, Iljimae decides to stop stealing — but is then confronted with policemen, who look at him suspiciously and try to grab him. There are rumors that she had given birth to a baby and been kicked out of her home, which means the jewelry was given by her former master. It sets up its conflict nicely, and the emotions were really there.

After losing her child, in the intervening years Baek-mae has poured all her affection to her crops. Jung Hye Young Main Cast. That would complicate things.

What they usually did was is to smile. Wang Hweng-bo decides to take a different tack by leaving Iljimae at an inn and saying he will talk with his father first to smooth the way. The executioner beheads Kang first.

I like this drama a lot too Now I will teach you for the last time.