Loving this drama so much! I don’t know what to expect anymore. I was really hoping that Taek was not the type to go noble idiot on us, but it looks like we might be in for a long road of angst for the next couple episodes! Damn right RJY was awesome in that scene. I think my heart stopped during it. Because the parents actually act like they desperately miss their kids, I find myself thinking of them as having left the nest and living full adult lives out there.

For he cherishes Taek as his best friend. I was so sure that JH would be the husband until these last two episodes. So she changes out of her nice clothes and trudges out in slippers to go buy groceries for Mom, and happens to run into the guys on their way out. Like every little expression on his face protrays innocence, cuteness and vulnerability – like that scene in episode 14 where SW asks how many painkillers did he take and Taekkie just points out 2 fingers In the first one it was guess the baby daddy through reunion story telling and in it was guess the husband through a wedding video, this time it’s a video crew doing an interview. I also have wanted to say this from long time ago. Choi Sung Won Main Cast. They moved to dramacool.

I can’t help but ship Taek and Deoksun now. Thanks for the quick recap! I mean Taekie is just the cutest puppy dog but Junghwan, he’s something else. Taek is no different. I haven’t watch the episode yet but just reading the recap about the scene make me tear up.

Episode 12

Which probably set a lot of the pattern where Taek is consistently faster off the mark when it’s time to actually express himself to DS.

What JH said to DR is pretty vague and can swing both way: The scenes of brotherly love between Jung Bong and Jung Hwan are so sweet. I love both boys to death and I adore their love and friendship with each other, but I’ve been on Team Taek from the beginning.


He was actually convincing as a classical musician darmacool the rest of the cast looked like kindergarteners in a school play during music scenes He opens it up to read just a short reply from Mi-ok: I remember clearly when Taek called to cancelled the date with Doeksun because he realized that Junghwan likes her too, he was passed out with comics on his bedside. I can somehow imagine Taekie dancing, but the lawyer?? Even sramacool I don’t understand the language, couldn’t help but watch the raw version.

It is more likely that Bora became famous and they wanted to do an expose on Bora’s family. I love this show with all my heart but felt a bit disappointed after watching this episode. Ack, quit with the pills, it freaks me out! That’s fine, but beware of those stan-goggles. D i wonder if jinjoo ends up being chilbongie’s gf ; also Dom January 9, at You can see the natural progression of them growing to love each other. She said “before we get married”.

I’m proud of them but felt wanted them to say teenagers forever. That’s exactly what I think.

I was crying buckets with Jung Hwan’s scenes like that: Dad gets a bloody nose that morning, and Mom looks more worried than usual. Orr he episodee his feelings to DS and DS turned him down so that’s why she kept on turning to the door during JH confession D But I feel that there will be a final twist and Jung Hwan will be the one she likes and the husband And I knew that the Bora and Dad moment would come at some point, but agh, those two really get to me with their gruff, unshowy love.


D i’ve got the exact opposite concern. If he’s not the husband, I think we will get a new vocabulary “jungpal-ed” to call all future tragedies This is where JH’s and Taek’s biggest dilemma lies.

I am classical music fan and follow any films and dramas on western classical music so I can definitely say that Park Bo Gum is a method actor and the best of his peers and maybe even seniors because he got depth and has great control over his micro expressions.

He asked not to be disturbed because he was going to sleep for a whole day, and then took a worrisome amount of pills and then passed out in his bed.

It will make sense if Deok-sun actually chooses Taek, but it will still break my heart. Honestly, even with Taek’s smiles, BOTH guys have been hiding their complete feelings for years, and it’s driving me crazy.

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Knowing that you went even earlier, the next day I went out at dawn and waited for you to come. I like kaya toast – dipped in egg, it’s really good dramacoool. Makes sense considering how quickly he fell for her. She is feeling very keenly her own inadequacies in dramacoop right now, so it makes sense that she wants to better herself as a person before making any kind of commitment to anyone.