Toothless and Midnight joined their riders to the trap and allowed the two humans to stand on their heads to get higher to the trap. The dragon then continued to hit the net back and forth with the teens trying to stop them until Midnight came and saw what was happening. Meatlug growled at the trap, not liking her human being anywhere near it. Ruffnut stood on Barf’s head and the half of the Zippleback raised her up right above the netter trap. Especially coming from a typhoomerang. I’m gonna miss you, torch.

Nah, you just probably have one of those faces. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Save your father from the snapping trap. At what point did Ruffnut bring a hammer and why did no-one stop her? Gotta get back to tuffnut. Hicca’s eyes widened as she realised what Tuffnut just said. Toothless started growling at the new dragon, until Midnight stopped, giving out some warbles to him. Step one, engage the safety pin.

Hiccup walked towards Ruffnut and Tuffnut. And, all that– all the rage In her fists and her feet and her navel. If you blast it, you might make it worse.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk Season 2 Episode 9 Zippleback Down

You are not useless! Blinking a few times, she groaned as she got up. Set us down on that path. Cast Out Part I One would lead her to the village, the other betk get her lost.


As awesome as this fire is up close, I think betk back hair just went up in flames. Just like how Hiccup and I did back in the Academy. You are not useless! Hicca gave Tuffnut a sympathetic look.

You almost cut off my head. She then got an idea. Tuffnut couldn’t even get himself out of that trap.

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I was just playing around. Hookfang, you gonna get me out of here? I mean, I feel trapped. We need to get water. Tuffnut on the other hand didn’t seem to bothered to being approached by the wild dragon.

Watch Dragons Defenders of Berk videos online | Dragons Defenders of Berk | Cartoon Network

They were definitely going to be here for a while. The Typhoomerang watched and then started copying them. You look so familiar.

Yeah, you got us right next to each other. Now she just needs to find her way back.


Dragons Defenders Of Berk S02E09 Zippleback Down – Dailymotion Video –

A View to Skrill Part 2 She tried to extend her arm to the top, but it was no use. She covered her eyes with one hand and used the other to point back and forth between the two direction in front of her by saying. There is no way there could be something wrong with this trap.

I thought we made some good progress out there. They opened the net, causing Snotlout to fall to the ground.

I mean, I get it. Hicca blinked in surprise by that statement. Guys that’s…” Hicca started to say before she thought about it.

Hiccup then turned to Tuffnut. Another authors note Annoyed, Ruffnut grabbed one of the fallen apples and threw it back, only to get several more apples thrown at her knocking her out cold. Hiccup was surprised by that.

Torch, you give us a lift?