Doug and Skeeter are playing with Patti’s new Wacky-Wizzer frisbee and accidentally toss it into a fenced-in yard. Meanwhile, Fentruck tells all his friends how they spend Christmas in Yakestonia. But it seems the power has gone to Patti’s head. At the same time, Beebe is being filmed for a documentary sponsored by her dad Mr. The Dark Quail comes out of Quailman’s body, but Quailman later chases after him. So she decides to “spruce” things up around the house, but a resentful Doug decides to do some “sprucing up” of his own. So he asks all his friends for advice on babysitting, but Doug finds out you can’t always rely on other people’s advice. But now Ned is off to visit Grandma Funnie with the rest of the Funnies and Doug is worried he’ll ruin his grandmother’s home.

This doesn’t sit well with Doug, who tries to stop Roger from bugging Patti. When Doug gets to the hangout, he meets Skeeter Valentine who befriends him right away. In a Quailman daydream, Quailman battles RoboBone and his robotic army, which leads to a compromise with Mr. Bluffington students are cast in the school play, which shows the historic founding of the town. Judy is getting her license, and Doug tells Patti that she’ll take them to the opening of an amusement park, Bumper Car Mania. When the Bluffington School float for the upcoming Beet parade goes missing, Doug is accused of helping the Moody School students steal it. She brings Doug into it, and is so obsessed she thinks about quitting school just like Flounder from The Beets did. Meanwhile, the Beebe Bluff Middle School baseball team goes on strike after Chalky is unfair in his coaching.

Patti, Skeeter, Beebe, Connie, and the rest are worried about Ms. But during the race, there’s a disaster on the track, and everyone finds out that helping a friend is more important than winning.

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Bone finds out and although he can’t tell who is cutting school, he is determined to hunt down the fugitives. Suddenly, the other A. So Doug tries everything to change Ms. But after the parents have their way, they realize that it may not be a good idea. It’s the day of the big football game against Bloatsburg, and Doug is snared by Coach Spitz, who mistakenly believes Doug has a “golden toe” for field kicking.

Doug and his friends decide to meet at Funkytown and spend a day having fun, so Judy volunteers to drive him there. At Skeeter’s house, Beebe tries to babysit Dale, and Skeeter orders a banana sandwich at Beebe’s house, but picks up two forks.


Porkchop gives Doug a new journal where he can write his new adventures to fill in. Meanwhile, he daydreams how Quailman would handle a bad hair day, as an evil shampoo from the S. Doug even starts to feel sympathetic towards Ned. Then when Doug sells a bar to Mr.

Doug and Judy go Christmas shopping to buy a hat for Porkchop. But when Doug realizes he hasn’t done that yet, he decides that giving her a kiss at Beebe’s New Year’s Eve party will do it. Doug may raise the cash, but he risks losing his friends in the process.

Also because of the destroyed crop, Fentruck’s family can’t support their son overseas and will have to send him back home if he doesn’t raise enough money. Doug tries going in to get it back, but encounters a epiosde guard dog named Lady. When Doug tells his parents he wants to see it, they don’t allow him because it is way too violent and they feel Doug is not mature enough to see it.

Doug is horrified to find out that Todd Bentley is going to be on his team for the Bluff Scouts hike. Flounder wants to start a new qailman and talent searches in Bluffington. Perigrew and Principal White match Doug epusode Roger to paint a large mural. Also, the gang is on the search for the perfect new hangout since the Honker Burger is now Chez Honque.

Patti worries her Dad, Chad, is dating Edwina Klotz, so she does everything, including eating at Chez Honk to find out.

Perigrew, thinks his ruined painting is a brilliant piece of art! As a result, all of Doug’s friends don’t like him and won’t spend time with Doug if Quaikman is around him. Skeeter is dating Beebe and Doug is disgusted by Skeeter’s lovesick attitude and jealous of their friendship. But when Roger “volunteers” to be Doug’s camping partner, he’s not sure how the camping trip will turn out. Also, Skeeter gets his first failing grade in shop class when his coat rack assignment isn’t simple enough, so he is given a second chance to make another simple object.

But when the real Rubbersuit finds out about this, he visits the Kabrain twins to get them to change “Rubbersuit” back into Quailman. Roger invites everyone over to his house except for poor Doug, who begins to feel left out. Doug reaches roug last page of his journal. Soon all of his friends avoid him and on the night of his Halloween party, Doug feels guilty for not going to his party without even knowing what Skeeter thinks about the rumor.

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Dink a new grill, after they accidentally break his old one with a baseball. But trouble arrives when Scoutmaster Dink heads off into the forest to get a new navigational computer, leaving Roger in charge.


Doug manages to expose her in hopes that Skeeter will break up with her. Doug worries if Patti joins the club, she’ll change and won’t have time for him anymore. When their boring adventure is over, they return to school only to find out that Patti doesn’t like a real rebel.

In preparation for Bluffington Pride Day, the contest to write the official Bluffington Anthem is on.

Patti invites Doug over for dinner with the rest of the gang and Doug is thrilled. Quailmsn Doug gets to the hangout, he meets Skeeter Valentine who befriends him right away.

Quailman: The Un-Quail Saga

Doug’s motorcycle-riding Grandma Opal comes to visit and she teaches Doug to take risks and enjoy life while taking him on his first motorcycle ride and sushi lunch.

When Doug worries he is only average, he decides that to make his level of importance higher he should be a collector of unusual and hopefully valuable items. But this only brings Doug to hurting every muscle in his body, and with sore muscles, Doug may not be able to compete.

After posting flyers around town, he learns that Roger has found it. Doug becomes the victim of a contest scam that promises to make him rich. Soon she realizes Flounder may have not done the right thing. All the other students love the cartoon, so they rally to get their newspaper back. Doug’s old best friend Bobby Bodingo is moving to Bluffington, and Doug qjailman wait to show him around school and introduce him to his friends.

Doug wishes he was more fashionable until his friends at school accuse him of dressing like Dylan Farnum from the TV show “Teen Heart Street”.

Copbut is called by episoed Theda and runs into dad Phil. He’s tired of being told he’s copying someone else’s style, so he decides to shop for a dougg look.

Ken Scarborough Al Higgins. Doug and Skeeter can’t stand Roger’s orders, so they search for Mr. At first, Doug is excited by the thought of more money, but when he sees the effects on his father and their family, he realizes that money can’t buy happiness.