DY has a son and the King names the child Geum. Jung Dong Hwan Supporting Cast. DY is under suspicion of trying to kill the Crown Prince and her residence is searched. Jung Ki Sung Supporting Cast. Oh Eun Ho Supporting Cast. Dong Yi – Trailer 1:

Jung Sun Il Supporting Cast. Jung Sung Yoon Supporting Cast. And now for a shocker: He checks the corpse of a murdered guard and realises that it was the geomgye were the assassins. DY and Chun Soo have to find out if the geomgye really has reformed. She is not just a servant anymore and everyone will have to treat her with respect. In the end Lady Jung and Jung Im from the investigation bureau agree to become her attendants.

Park Ha Sun Supporting Cast. But when he tells people that he is a prince. Dong Yi carries out ancestral rites for her father and brother. Dong Yi – Trailer 1: Yeo Hyun Soo Supporting Cast. First he goes to see Gaedura who is locked up in a cell and will be executed.

JOJ seems to think that she can get away with anything and by the end of this part it looks as though she is right, because she manages to get DY arrested and then pushes to have her executed. Na Sung Kyoon Supporting Cast. The King is waiting to greet her as she gets out of the palanquin.

Oh Eun Ho Supporting Cast. At the same time Lord Jang looks through the geomgye records and sees that the Head of the geumgye had a daughter who supposedly died but whose body was never found — and her name was DY too.

They decide to have a banquet for the Qing so that all the guards will be there. But instead they kill him. Chief Seo just closes his eyes when he hears the news that the book is gone. Park Jung Soo Supporting Cast. Kim Hye Jin Supporting Cast.

She is the mother of the Crown Prince and so she argues that she should remain Queen! Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast. April 29, August 7, dramasrok Dong Yisageuk. But she saves herself when she announces that she is the daughter of the original geomgye chief! Later DY meets Gaedura who is full of hate because his father was murdered.


Choi Il Hwa Supporting Cast.

Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Worried, DY sneaks out of her house and is helping Gaedura escape when the King and all his men turn up. All the roads are blocked by guards as Lord Jang dony determined to find him.

Han Hyo Joo Main Cast. So first, she wants to break the trust between DY and the King. She knows that the King will come to question her about this so she has to find some scapegoats ASAP.

Finally Queen Epksode returns to the palace.

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This has got to be one of the best episodes so far for the twist at the end. Jadorama for now she has a strong and ambitious partner-in-crime in Lord Jang who makes Lord Oh look like a kitten. When JHJ realises that the Royal Guards are surrounding the gisaeng house, he desperately tries to wrestle the book back from the Qing envoy in a kadoramaa ungentlemanly manner!

But she tells him she would like to eat chuk porridge which she got from the welfare office years ago when she kadorxma a hungry slave. Again she has predicted everything — she knows the protocol at the palace. Lord Jang realises that this is strange. Then she wants DY dead! Instead of a day birthday party for the prince, DY wants to use the money to open a welfare office for the poor.

But they discover that there are NO early records of them.

But the King decides to depose her anyway. She gingerly and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal court in order to survive and protect her son. Episodw tries to convince Lord Oh that giving the book to the Qing will improve relations ddong them and gain their trust. Now for a comic interlude as the King reveals to his head eunuch that he had a dream — a birth dream.


Jung Jin Young Supporting Cast. He sends his guards to round up the geomgye members. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! DY has a son and the King names the child Geum. The King accepts her offer and at the same time they both acknowledge that the love between them has gone. When Lord Oh realises that the truth is out, he agrees to lie low for a while. Rong thinks DY can still eong back to the palace.

JHJ and his accomplices are tortured to make them confess their part in the death of the Queen Mother, but JOJ still refuses to admit knowing anything about it.

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DY sneaks out of the palace and in a panic the King chases after epiwode thinking she has run away. She can spin anything for her own gain! He is the son of the Inspector General who DY found murdered by the water when she was a child. Oh Yeon Seo Main Cast.

The same has been done with the security records so if JOJ touched the book her fingers will turn pink with vinegar. He pays a secret visit to JOJ who reveals that his father was murdered by Lord Oh and the Namin faction and not by the gyeomgye after all. And within hours he is dead.