He explains to Harry his plot to have it appear that LaGuerta and Estrada killed one another in a gunfight, when Deb pulls up to the scene. Dexter visits Hannah in prison, partly to explain his actions, and partly to express how much he misses her. Doakes becomes the prime suspect in the case when he leaves Miami to get the blood slides analyzed. She asks for his help to keep her job, positing that she simply got carried away with her work, and Tom agrees to see what he can do. Dexter was content to just ruin her career to save himself. But she was in too deep, and chose her brother — and career — over LaGuerta’s life.

Just as Dexter was faced with a choice last episode between Deb and Hannah, Deb had to make a choice of her own in the finale. She asks for his help to keep her job, positing that she simply got carried away with her work, and Tom agrees to see what he can do. She had arrested Dexter earlier in the episode, but wasn’t able to outsmart him. Doakes is initially prepared to accept dismissal and take a high-paying security job LaGuerta set up for him, only to begin suspecting Dexter is the notorious Bay Harbor Butcher when Special Agent Frank Lundy mentions shoddy blood work as a reason for the acquittal of one of the Butcher’s victims. The footage clearly shows Deb at a gas station near to the church filling up several cans, shortly before the fire began. Deb gapes like a fish hauled up on shore, lamely mumbles that she forgot that she brought Dexter dinner that night and then then hightails it to meet with her brother. Tom pays LaGuerta a visit, reminding her of how bad the situation with Dexter looks. During the actual trial, Hannah enters her plea of not guilty, and the judge demands she be held without bail.

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James Doakes

Which Secrets Were… Dexter Season 7 Photos. Dexter resolved to murder LaGuerta before Deb got to the storage locker and initiated that final dramatic stand-off.

Hearing a first gunshot, Deb enters the crate to see Dexter preparing to shoot LaGuerta, but he relents. At one point she looked at Dexter and mouthed, “I hate you.


Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Only Deb has changed a lot over these last 12 episodes, and so has Dexter.

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Sound off in the comments! In the seaspn finaleDoakes makes an appearance, in flashbacks of previously unseen confrontations between him and Dexter set before the events of season 1, and detailing how he became suspicious of Dexter, as well as his romantic involvement with LaGuerta—a major motive behind her determination to clear his name.

Doakes is replaced as sergeant by Angel Batista. Do not read on if you haven’t seen the Season 7 “Dexter” finale, titled “Surprise, Motherfucker! But Deb walked in just as he was setting up LaGuerta’s body. Maybe it just felt weird to be rooting for an antihero serial killer — who used finsle only kill serial killers — from the comfort of my couch after all the real-life sadness I watched on the news this weekend.

Doakes’s funeral is largely unattended, with the exception of LaGuerta, Dexter, and Doakes’ mother and sisters. And while we’re at it, how was Dexter able to inject and kidnap Estrada in broad daylight at a public dextr without being seen? Misleading eoakes aside, I think we’re all glad Doakes stayed dead. She asks for his help to keep her job, positing that she simply got carried away with her work, and Tom agrees to see what he can do.

Doakes resumes the hunt after Ssason reveals that Dexter doesn’t even smoke. Hannah swallows it and goes into convulsions in the paddy wagon back to jail, which makes a detour to the hospital.

According to the show’s own mythology, they’ve crossed a line. Click here to subscribe. One thing Deb didn’t do was poison herself rinale have Hannah McKay sent to prison.

Dexter was content to just ruin her career to save himself.

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Immediately after however, she places a call to Arlene Schram, and asks for a favor. Perhaps this moment will represent a turning point for the show. After Doakes starts investigating Dexter’s past, Dexter goads him into a fight—seemingly unprovoked—in front of the entire squad room.

Do you agree that the season finale — and this season overall — was a pleasing return to form for the Showtime series? You’re not like him,” Dexter put his arms up and invited Deb to shoot him to save her last shred of innocence. The only solution, then, is to eliminate everyone who knows who he is and who might want to turn him in.


‘Dexter’ Season Finale Review: “Surprise, Motherf—er!”

Harry objects to the idea of killing an innocent like LaGuerta, sending Dexter into another memory of Doakes. Doakes enlisted in the U. Ultimately, Doakes realizes that Dexter is withholding vital information on the Ice Truck Killer case, to the point that he is driven to physically attack him, only for Dexter to expertly fight back.

Charging him with the murder of Hector Estrada, LaGuerta takes Dexter into custody, and leads him back to the station. Elsewhere, Deb confronts Hannah before the hearing, and Hannah wryly intimates how much of a hypocrite Deb has become for putting her away, but not her brother.

In retrospect, Deb’s character has been devolving to this point all season, and her co-dependent relationship with Dexter finally got the best of her. This scene was so tense, I was wishing for a little Xanax in my Fiji Water.

Next season, they pretty much have to go down, and that will be fascinating to watch.

It’s hard to imagine Dexter and Deb getting out of next season as a happy-go-lucky sibling vigilante team. Admitting defeat, LaGuerta dokaes Dexter alone in the elevator, and the mention of James sends Dexter into a flashback of his days with Doakes.

You’re a good person. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Deb and Dexter were both pushed into a corner.

In the end, Dexter’s erstwhile lover Lila Tournay finds the cabin, and makes the decision seasoon him: She kisses him goodbye, bites seazon lip until it bleeds and then calls Arlene — who slips her a pill at her arraignment. Or is the law just something you make up as you go along, turning a blind eye whenever you feel like it or Dexter is involved?