She rushes him to the hospital. Shivani shouts Raghu and runs down the stairs with a bucket in her hand. He instigates Shivani against handing the business which leads the latter to take up the business responsibility on her shoulder. Stay tuned to watch the twist on Maha Episode on 8th March. There will also be Shifting LCN whereby a new channel will be created between any two existing channels where the show related content will be telecast. The new villian Rupesh, is upto something?

He gets angry on Shivani. Raghu tells her that he is helpless and he has to do the stunt anyhow as he took the money in advance. Mon, 25 Feb, She even insults Govindji. Will the hatred will blossom into love? Sumitra tells Shivani that the divorce was destined to happen now or afterwards. It is always a pleasure and we wish that with such a great cast of versatile actors, we will be able to show the story beautifully. She looks at Raghu with confidence.

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Episode 17th March Zee Tv – Drama Full

Raghu is lying unconscious and wounded. The new show revolves around the story of Shivani ddori Raghu. His true intentions are yet to be revealed. She realizes her love for Raghu. Thus starts the story of adjusting and balancing in a household that is diametrically opposite from what she is used to.

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se Episode 10 Video Download

Shivani looks at Raghu with tearful eyes. What will happen now. Shivani is falling for Raghu. The Queen of Jhansi. Lawyer is seen standing.

Raghu tries to bring out the truth but fails. He indirectly boost her confidence. In the upcoming banehe, we will see Shivani taking care of Raghu.


Raghu determines to get Shivani settled with Karan. She thinks if anything happens to Raghu then she will die with shame. Renuka Aunty is always ready with her evil plans, what will she do now? She calls Bella and informs her about Raghu going to do the fire act.

The show talks about a situation where Shivani does not wish to belong to. Shivani has fallen in love with Raghu and therefore gets ready for him. Raghu says, I will handle the business and asks her to stay at home. Raghu is searching for a prospective groom for Shivani. Shivani shouts Raghu and runs down the stairs with a bucket in her hand. Raghu makes it clear to her that he is her mere servant and nothing else.

Shivani is shocked and in tears. Raghu tries to convince Shivani to give Rs. Raghu supports her like always.

Shivani saves Raghu from death like a dutiful wife. Stay tuned to read this space for the latest update on the show. He instigates Shivani against handing the business which leads the latter to take up the business responsibility on her shoulder.

They will be seen in a jovial mood like never before. Will Shivani and Raghu start falling for each other? For daily updates of Bollywood news and gossips please subscribe here. She regards him as her husband. Shivani refuses to give after Mahima, Jazz and Aunty manipulate her mind against Raghu. When Shivani comes to know about his gesture from her office employee, she will develop a soft corner for Raghu and realise that he is actually a kind hearted guy.

Shivani replies him saying she used to get scared during exams but eventually she comes out as a winner. If the love is true then it will surely find a way to the heart. Bella feels miserable for her brother. She says, he takes care of her every wish.


What will Raghu choose? Raghu gives the divorce papers to Shivani and asks her to sign on the divorce papers.

Raghu looks at Shivani.

Circumstances conjure up a situation where Shivani, instead of marrying her suitably rich fiance, marries te underpriviledged Raghu. Her dreams gets shattered and the tears roll down her cheeks. She says, it is in the interest of everyone if the divorce happens now itself.

Raghu tells Sumitra that the time has come to fulfill the promise given to her. You cant change the lives of the people around you and make ddori better. How she begins to overcome the difficulties and build bridges with her husband and his family forms the crux of the story. Shivani tries to stop him from leaving the house. She imagines him everywhere as watchman, peon, employee etc.

While Shivani has been brought up in a luxurious and priviledged atmosphere under the care of her grandfather Balwant Chauhan played by Alok NathRaghu ddo the house-help.

Will the two souls unite?

She will also realise her mistake of trusting her own family and doubting Raghu. She blames herself as she refused to give money to Govindji. And you cannot change your destiny, but what you can do is change the environment. eek