February 16, at Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Armaan tries to stop her and tell her that he is in love with her but she does not listen and leaves. This bizarre bed scene was not required at all. Notify me of new comments via email. Muskaan and Rahul’s families intend for them to marry, but they do not want to do so. After rigorous trials, he succeeds, but cannot stop himself from falling in love with Riddhima again.

Pages Liked by This Page. When Riddhima find out about this, she runs towards the hospital with tears in her eyes and dr. The next day at the hospital, Armaan tries to talk to Riddhima, but Riddhima ignores him. I have read at different places where people have said their emotions in a very harsh manner on this particular episode. Sections of this page. Sachin Tendulkar scales Mt. However, Armaan reads between her lines and proposes her.

After that Riddhima tells Armaan that just like he thinks he has all the rights on her, she also thinks that she has right on him. Instead of Sid, he goes inside. During the course of the show, Armaan and Riddhima fall in love, Atul falls in love with Anjali, and Sapna Shah gets married and leaves Sanjeevani. After a rather rough start, Armaan falls in love with Riddhima after getting lost with her in a jungle. The series premiered 20 August and ran through 29 October Retrieved 21 March When Riddhima find out about this, she runs towards the hospital with tears in her eyes and dr.

Dill Mill Gayye translation: Well I just saw this new promotional video on star one where Dr. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat She says that now what will she tell Armaan, since she didn’t protect herself, she decides that she wont come face to face with Armaan ever again.

The next day at the hospital, Armaan tries to talk to Riddhima, but Riddhima ignores him. Shashank promise that he will never reveal anyone about his condition. Few days later, when Armaan rejoins the hospital, while doing something he bleeds from his wounds and Riddhima helps him.


Gradually, Riddhima too develops the same feelings for Armaan. When Riddhima wakes up, she finds out about the past night and gets shocked and says that Sid used her for his purposes. She tells him that gayye are strangers to each other.

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One day Armaan bets to have a bike race with dr. Riddhima is shattered when she sees that he has returned being happy and sad at the same time.

Dill mill gayye kash n arsh TV Show. Shashank ask Riddhima to prove him that she is her daughter by getting married to Dr.

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Abhimanyu Modi, a senior doctor. Slowly, Riddhima becomes attracted towards Armaan and falls in love with him. She finally finds him, but when she is about to face him she faints from cold and Sid takes her to the cottage where they were staying.

To stop the unwanted flow of oxygen, he inhales the oxygen through his mouth and falls unconscious. Retrieved from ” https: However,later it is revealed to Riddhima that Armaan came to know he would lose his sanity in the coming days, so to save Riddhima’s future he made Dr. Listening this, Riddhima gets tears in her eyes and runs away from him.

When they both save a patient’s life, by themselves in the hospital together, Riddhima accepts Armaan’s proposal of friendship and tells him that there relationship should not go further than friendship ever again.

Archived from the original PDF on 25 April Dill Mill Gayye starts with Doctor Armaan and Doctor Riddhima meeting in the basketball court outside Saanjeevani and having a basketball match and the others: Sid finds that Riddhima is dying with cold, so he provides her with his body heat.

Then the season 2 starts with new interns as Dr. Hearing this, Armaan and Riddhima decide to help the couple.


Shishir Gupta Milll About: Naina also tells yuvi that she cannot marry him due to few problems and goes away too. Soon, Armaan starts to do things which leaves Riddhima thinking that he loves her.

Sid and Riddhima go on honeymoon

Tamanna Patil, and Dr. Armaan tries to stop her xcenes tell her that he is in love with her but she does not listen and leaves.

In fact they have ruined the love story to some extent already. He tries to shut the valve but instead the cylinder bursts and cracks appear on it.

Dil mil gaye TV Show. In fact it does suggest that he is not coming back, but if one views at the reverse psychology, I think it like a boring Hindi drama. When Sid and Riddhima’s situation is revealed to Riddhima’s father, he asks Riddhima to marry Sid as there is no other way left. March 27, at 5: Retrieved 9 September Anjali realizes that Armaan is having feelings for her sister, she gets jealous and has a bet with Armaan that he can never make Riddhima fall in love with him. Retrieved 4 June He then sees that the nurse inside is unconscious because of the absence of oxygen protecting masks, so he gives his mask to the nurse.

Even if creatives had to show love blossoming between Riddhima and Siddhant they could have done it may be gradually creating some sequences. Dill Mill Gayye follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. Although, heartbroken, he does everything possible to save Sid and Riddhima’s marriage.

Shashank Gupta is head of the hospital, and the father of Anjali and Riddhima.