Great Kodak Ektar !!!! Dean Bennici is a German-based American photographer who takes impressive infrared analogue shots. It is certainly not manufactured anymore. Contrary, I rarely use orange indoors. Such stunning, riveting photographs! The artists deserves a huge round of applause, especially considering that these are the original shots, without any digital manipulation. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. I find it extremely painful working with stock that never was intended for this kind of photography, but it needed to be done and fate picked me.

Color quality is great. I plan on continuing with touring after this break in order to produce a bit more work. I like the challenge of a not so interesting location. All orders must be shipped with a printed invoice included. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We now ship many items to Canada, parts of Europe and Australia. Please use the Return this Item or Contact Seller button on your Purchase History page to ask us any questions or request a return.

I chose this camera because Gilm have multiple bayonet filters for it. Using Infrared film effectively requires a basic understanding of infrared light, infrared film handling and exposure, filters and processing, all of which can greatly affect the outcome of your photos.

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We have millions of glorious, timeless analog photos to relish for eternity, right?


Finally, I shot about an hour and a half of Aerochrome 16mm footage that I do plan to finish cutting. There are 33 items available.

Adorama has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be. Items returned without a tracking number might bennicci much longer to be processed. Either way, creativity knows no boundaries and the photographer surely has plenty of it.

Since I do not know the subject matter, these 2 rolls assure me I will get something interesting. The medium of CIR photography is not new, but in fact one near extinction.

Back us on Kickstarter. I am drawn to color infrared CIR film for its versatility and of benniic its beauty. He has used color infrared film on chrome slide film.

bennici | Color Infrared film’s Blog

I lean toward the light orange filter range and I have tried many makes and shades. Cutting down poses many problems, the most difficult being that everything must be done again in total darkness; no safelight. Just frame close, which is what I usually prefer to do anyway.

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Contrary, I rarely use orange indoors.

KODAK Professional Ektar Color Negative Film ISO 100, 120 Size, Propack of 5,

There desn much that contemporary photographers can learn from Victorian-era fine art photographer Oscar Rejlander, and a retrospective exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is about to enrich the contemporary art world. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Having amassed a huge body of photo work, I decided to produced 35 large Diasec prints and toured Europe from to American, born in PasadenaCalifornia.

If you have a grasp on things like the quality, quantity and angle of light, material bwnnici and absorption, color shift, filter usage, exposure times, flashing, then I suppose you may eventually get bored. This photo looks like it was captured on Mars, rather than Earth.


Good Film as it colr be!!!! It renders good color saturation and very little grain. Get it in our Shop. Travel the seven seas in style and capture the wonders of the world with the wide angle lens of the La Sardina Fitzroy! I have made many tests in order to determine the ISO at ground level.

I started out shooting photos for songwriters when I moved to Germany in These lengths are then split down into film strips.

Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici

It is a Rolleiflex 3. Photographer Sunny Liu walks us through with his personal experience with the Lomogon 2.

His black and white world leads us to encounter new faces and figures which the photographer has frozen in time. The greatest misconception is that you can recreate it digitally. The liability and responsibility is high when it comes to supplying to photographers.

I have made an attempt at bringing this remaining film stock to the market based on that event. Lomographer Daniel Schaefer is back as he shares his positive inklings from his first experience with the Lomogon 2. It could also be that they find it works better with landscapes.