Re-pair-ations Sun 21 Feb, — Episode Thank you for the commentary, little man. Maridee from surfside Relationship Status: Adannor from effin’ belarus Relationship Status: That was the end of our friendship. Jedipus Complex Tue 22 Sep, — Episode

Speculation Bubble Thu 28 May, — Episode Jim voiced support for two options that weren’t “destroy the Death Star”. Without a heart, how am I to feel love? If you are familiar with both, you will enjoy it. I know it to be true. For so many reasons! If they love each other enough they can work it out. Anakin and I will decide where to start.

He betrayed and murdered your mother, Padme Amidala.

Darths and Droids Episode III Part II

You Have Failed Me for the last time! Jumping the Shaak Thu 25 Jun, — Episode Please allow me to express my heartfelt exasperation at this almost entirely self-imposed mass suicide attempt by prefacing my blame attribution with the request for the identity of the person who gave Han a bloody blaster.

Well, he looks like But most of the other things we know and love such as Mad Max do, albeit modified by the lack of Star Wars: For so many reasons! It’s never mentioned again anywhere else in any of the movies. Blockbuster Thu 21 May, — Episode Rapier Wit Tue 30 Mar, — Episode I’ve known that since I was, like, six. On the boarding ramp.


Darths & Droids

We got the kid to drive, and he needed some extra skill points or he probably would have killed himself. That was ans end of our friendship.

I could get used to this game.

Quick, let’s get out of here. I had your blood tested, Senator Princess Organa.

Apr 16th at 9: I had it installed in Jabba’s palace to serve pizza on his barge. Search your DNA report.

Happy Feat Tue 19 Jan, — Episode Eadu is a weapons research facility. There is much to say about darthx impracticality of Epiode. Apr 8th at 8: I think Anton Chekhov just committed suicide with his gun. Are you calling me paranoid? Entire archive of comic images for Episode II – strips: I understand the importance of discretion.

A Delegation Thu 5 Nov, — Episode Children’s Crusade Tue 26 Jan, — Episode Ding ding ding ding! It’s a crazy theory, but some people think the Orb might have been moved.


Darths & Droids

That’s a good place to start looking. Thank you for the commentary, little man.

Lord Vader, this is farcical! Home on Lagrange Tue 10 Feb, — Episode End of the Line Thu 5 Mar, — Episode Apparently they were using it to power Coruscant, but now they’re shipping in a super star destroyer full of wood every minute to keep the lights on. Nerdy guys make YouTube videos of themselves wielding crossbows instead of lightsabres.

Episode I – The Phantasmal Malevolence. Moonraker was never made.