Dranzel are trapped in the city, Scanlan uses all his wits to keep them alive. Do you enter the premises, or are you staying right at the door? All right, so the last one was 15? You take eight points of slashing damage, reduced to four because of your. There are two double doors across the way that lead into what you think is the foyer, in which. You could move and then move back. Back at the top.

There is a door right here at the back of the building that you can see, but the door is currently closed. I should have just used it. Count Tylieri, who is currently looking over the banister. Those are locked doors? They both take 15 points of fire damage and the entirety of that space has now burst into flames. Grog tries a direct tactic to free Westrunn from the goliaths.

Do we know if there are any outside doors over here on this side? Vox Machina and their allies plan the next phase of their battle with the Chroma Conclave. They have gotten to the. That finishes his turn. So you ro,e 12 points of piercing damage from the first bolt and five points of piercing.

Are you FaceTiming somebody? Duke Vedmeyer was the one that Scanlan went to, and then Tylieri is the one that the rest of you wandered outside. Yeah, go ahead and roll a strength check.


A large, hairless, grey-skinned goliath. Attack of the Conclave. They get an insta-gore. We were given basic descriptions and we hung people against the Sun Tree as a. Oh, for sure it is. This is a pretty solid roof with apparently no entry point at any points.

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We have at the top of this combat round, Percy. Are you getting a FaceTime? Now stepping out into the rain, you see the goliath Duke Vedmeyer step up doosh with his. Percy, Vex, you guys are all back this way.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Very big neck, and a very tiny collar. You can see a couple of crossbow bolts go boof and scatter across the ground. Now stepping out into the rain, you see the goliath Duke Vedmeyer step up doosh with his two-handed sword.

I thought you got a beret. This episode courtesy of these dedicated Critters: In the process, it appears that there have been a number of warnings set, and the entire town has been long. Vox Machina makes plans to liberate Westrunn from the goliath horde. So if you wanted to move over here, then.

You saw a little bit of light moving through some of the windows on the second story, but nothing down here that really caught your attention.

You still have an action. What do you say, guys? Okay, can I cross over to that window and look out the front window? I just throw it in the air and it turns into a cone. You can also hold your action. Okay, tell me this, Dungeon Master.


I will drop my form. And I trust fall off the back of it. This is a storage closet that was already checked by Vax, who walked past it. Scanlan showing down in the rain. This guy moves up over the railing with his heavy crossbow and aims this way. And say that tomorrow at 4: What am I going to do to gas? So you grab your head.

Here, actually, do this with me. This guy is going to just try and jump down.

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Thank you for coming with me on that journey. Then, when we opened it up we got really excited and I had this, which I used to open it. So you run over. Burn in the hatch and then get out.