Eileen O’ Riordan, Ireland English Dec 8, Jeremy was a huge part of my childhood, he got me through may hard times, when I felt that I was being ganged up on back my two older sisters. The artwork and the music is magical, and a part of me longs to be fed by it again. We will free our friend, we will free our friend We must not delay, we’ll go all the way We’ll free our friend, we’ll free our friend We must not delay! Pls settle whatever legal disputes are preventing this show from being braodcast and distributed to the world at large. I would be among the first to applaud the release of and among the first in line to purchase a high-quality DVD-set of the Canadian edition of this television show. Tara Kinnear, Canada English September 12, It was my all-time favourite childhood television series. It would be lovely to start another generation with Jeremy!

The case hasn’t been resolved yet but meanwhile it looks like even the Polish Colargol is locked up. If you can think of another approach to get Colargol back feel free to suggest and pursue it. I am 20 and only saw the watch with mother episode, but my parents lovingly remember the whole series from their childhood over 30 years ago. This would be the most legally questionable approach of them all but if those who hold the rights refuse to publish the material, a moral case can be made that a public recreation of the show at this phase is in line with the original intent if not necessarily the current letter of the copyright law which is supposed to provide the public an access to culture and the authors a fair compensation, not to deny both! Procidis lost the case and also the distribution rights. Jean Charles de Luca French Dec 9, bonjour je suis fan de colargol depuis tout petit je voudrais revoir des videos de colargol sur internet. Also to Portuguese Brazil and Portugal. Many children have a right to know him and enjoy this animated show.


Oh they soon will see, episod yes they’ll see They soon will see our Jeremy free Regan Campbell, Canada English July 11, I grew up in the early 80s watching this show, it was really great. Colargol will be a real HIT in a comeback! My grandchildren, nephews and niece would enjoy Barnaby so much! Kids today need to see quality animation. We colarrgol parents can sell anything to our child with love, because we know what we want them to be It co,argol be argued that Colargol’s current condition is a clear case of copyrights not working as intended — it is making everybody colarggol much poorer instead of richer.

I know they would freak out It would mean so much to me to be able to see Jeremy again, and I think he would be a valuable influence on the children of today. Brad, Canada English March 15, I rember watching this show as a young child with my sister. When the show was made Se-Ma-For retained the rights for the Polish distribution. The French voices are most like the Icelandic once I remember. Today i’m 40 yrs and i had just re discovered colargo on internet and tears came from my eyes when i had heard him sing “c moi ki suis Colargol l’ours elisode chante en Fa et en sol” He must be backPlease release the dvd and i will be among the first to buy it Cristina Martel, Spain Spanish August 27, Nello Janssen, Belgium Dutch August 21, Colargol, come back!

Marta, Poland Polish October 01, loved Colargol when i was small: I’d love to watch the show again with my children! I would be willing to pay a lot for a complete box of dvd’s.

Joseph Wallace, United Kingdom Colarol May 10, This programme is a real gem and should be available for a new generation, old fans and film historians. When the show was made, Se-Ma-For retained the distribution rights for Poland. Since there aren’t any legal obstacles for publishing the Polish version it would appear to be the path of least resistance. Please release the episodes — there’s definitly a lucrative market for them!


Two days ago I finally managed to get a breakthrough!! The case hasn’t been resolved yet but meanwhile it looks like even the Polish Colargol is locked up.

Please allow my 6 year old son to share the joy he brought xxx. Thank you for all the cklargol and energy you have put into doing this work to educate us in the what has happened to Jeremy and all you continue to do. I would be very happy to see the full series again.

My young daughter has seen some e;isode of him on you tube and I believe there is still a huge demand for him. Obviously there are and I hope there will colatgol a DVD release in the future so another new generation of fans can experienced what we “elders” experienced. Free Colargol Nine Bakhuisen, the Netherlands Dutch May 14, Colargol stands for the most happiest time of my life, back in the early seventies!

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Your e-mail address won’t be collected or given to epusode parties. I was hoping to find it for my kids and nieces and nephews. The series underwent another name change when a second dubbed version of the series was shown in Canada and also in the UK and Irelandthis time as Jeremy the Bear. Lot of folks would love to purchase it.

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If possible, contact your local TV network that has shown the adventures of Colargol in the past. Sam Corrado, Canada English September 28, I watched this wonderful program when I was a boy and enjoyed it so much. And may Jeremy be released and be free and happy the way he deserves to be!!!!!!!