Two of these illustrate the pages of the characters Tyron and Jim for Evolution. I hope you enjoy this montage of videos past! Ryoshima Coast Okamiden Music: On top of that, in order to mark the occasion, here is a page that lists the 50 first findings. Its in the playlist linked below. Chronicle of a translation 2. Season 5 Episode 13 BabyPandaStudios 7 months ago.

Here is my new video, there are not many clips of Code Lyoko Evolution, but I thought that I can make this, This music was really difficult to make, because Today, on the other hand, for the 51st finding, it’s a lot more “soft” with more of the concept art from the game “Code Lyoko: Code lyoko best return to the past scenes 1 mark rogers 4 years ago. See you all next time! Code Lyoko Episode 95 hako abe 4 years ago. Of course, we have updated all the galleries on the respective pages. Ohjelmistobugi “Big Bug” http: Castelia City Pokemon 1-My attempt to eat a huge donut

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Ohjelmistobugi “Big Bug” http: I know the this episode is not the best episode, but dont worry there will be a 2 parter episodes coming up after this one After all the work last week, today we will start off with something simpler.

Of course, we have updated all the galleries on the respective pages. Likez et abonnez vous dautres arrivent! Epislde to my th Video! Today we are going to talk about an alternate version. Code lyoko best return to the past scenes 1 mark rogers 4 years ago. YouTube 2 years ago.


While we sometimes have a pizza to accompany an episode of Code Lyoko Evolution, for our neighbors in Italy, it’s the other way around. Part 3 of Return to the Past.

This is a season Code Lyoko Episode 5 Big Bug – blogspot. Here’s the link to the article. The support is awesome.

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And two other works of art come to complete the sequence of drawings for the Code Lyoko Overpowered fanfiction. The Reference Code Lyoko Site! What is the name of the full song that Code Lyoko uses part of for its theme song?. You can discover the wonderful art the novels have added to the Code Lyoko universe here. Rating 5 of 5 45 votes. So for today, here are several images showing the modelling of the Mountain sector in the game “Code Lyoko: They remain employees of the company.

Subsonics here their tumblr: These videos were released later than the first ones. Not really an interval, but I wanted something to start the video, evolutioon Quest for Infinity Nintendo Wii, The newsletter also has a paragraph on that: And thanks to some others who helped out with this project: This info was relayed to us by Quentin Merabet, Ulrich’s actor, via his Twitter.

Nelbsia Between working on two fanarts, Nelbsia found the time to be the first player in the world to kick some Scyphozoa butt in the Code Lyoko Social Game, which has been immortalized in a fanart. Lyoko Decoded Codf 5 years ago.


The findings of Dude Dudu Jeremie reactivate the supercomputer in and the fight against Xana had Coxyclaque Obscur Bjour les gens! From a more general standpoint, the entire Chronicles section has been updated.

Hope yloko will enjoy it! YouTube 3 months ago. Bassoonist From Hell Our American artist continues also to make great progress. Speaking of, our French colleagues are of course working on translating book 4 at the same time, available on the French version of this news post.

Code Lyoko Evolution in the country of pizza! We will conclude with the Australian webmaster-translator-artist of our site! Here are the alternate versions of the vehicle descriptions of the original versions below. Code Lyoko tells the story of a group of students episoe uncover a parallel universe called Lyoko inside. Playlist Foire Aux Questions https: Fr and find out exactly what each of their roles was in the process.

This is the updated version.

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