The intellectually high-minded and I think arrogant, although they would probably disagree Stratosians live in an anti-gravity Shangri-La, the “city of the clouds”–a privileged few within this palatial paradise, alluring where all the comforts are realized–while the “Troglytes”, who work in the terrible conditions of the mines for the precious zenite needed on a planet in biological turmoil on the verge of extinction if the shipment isn’t received in twelve hours are at odds which causes Kirk complications as the shipment is being held hostage until negotiations for rights are considered. You astound me, Vanna. He looks like the first officer of the Enterprise, and he appears to be played by Leonard Nimoy, but we get no explanation why he appears to be mentally diminished without even breathing the fumes from mining zenite. As usual, Star Trek was ahead of it’s time in even attempting to address the issue. He babbles to himself, thinking aloud that “the high advisor’s charming daughter Droxine” is “incomparably beautiful and pleasant” like the rest of Stratos and wondering “if the lovely Droxine” could “retain such purity and sweetness of mind” if she knew of the suffering on the planet’s surface. Suppose Plasus does not agree? This was one of those episodes that I loved when I was 10, and can appreciate now, now that I know about these issues. When Plasus makes contact with the wall, it stretches inwards to absorb the impact, thus revealing it is made of rubber rather than stone.

Not very logical, even if it is fascinating. Not the worst episode, but very repetitive themes, and disappointing behavior on the part of the stoic Science Officer. Star Trek Female Characters. Extrapolating from such a premise of basic inequality, where-in the elites get all the benefits through the sweat of the workers, it proposes that, some time in the past, one race experienced an extreme branching off separation into two, though, scientifically, they are still all the same race. This is as close Spock gets in any Original Series or later story, of being attracted to a woman on sight. Rainey-Dawn 14 January

There are few tricks installed in here that works mindeers a charm and even though it is ridiculous at times, it certainly is more “human” that what we get most of the times.

When Kirk and Spock beam down, they are attacked by ‘troglites’ troglodyte miners but not captured. She takes Kirk hostage but is soon captured and later tortured by Plasus. Minnders and Spock are entertained as guests until the zenite can be recovered.


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Once there, however, she orders Kirk seized by two other Disruptors. Unlike Wink of An Eye or Elaan of Troyis, he doesn’t get to home plate in this episode but he does get to grapple with lovely Charlene Polite as Vanna, leader tfek the Trogs.

Without knowing a lot about Roddenberry’s politics, it also looks like he might have been skewering typical liberal elitism in the episode as well. Same for the actresses. But soon the atmosphere will go. They see the miners as intellectually inferior and violent, while they are entitled to the pleasures that come from hard labor of the Troglytes. Add the first question.

The Original Series season 3 episodes American television episodes. No, the concept is not subtle, this episode is another obvious commentary on race in America. Though you had the germ of a good idea at the center of some stories, they wound up getting frittered away with inconsistencies in the telling.

I disagree with most of the reviewers here that the “gas” solution is ccloud cheat. I found this episode to have a medium quality: It is somewhat interesting that Jeff Corey was cast as Plasus, the leader of the privileged people on Stratos. I won’t even get started on McCoy, who speaks casually of the fact that Troglyte intellect ratings are so low that he doesn’t know why Kirk would bother negotiating directly with them before casually clous that mining zenite probably has something to do with why.

Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. I really can’t be sorry that Kirk does break the Prime Directive!

The Cloud Minders

Season 3 Episode They are invited to visit the floating city of Stratos but due to their rush Spock and Kirk beam down to the site of the mine. The Enterprise is on a mission to the planet Ardana to retrieve the mineral zenite, it is in need to help stop a plague on Merak II. It’s lazy, sloppy writing, yet another example of the slow slide into obscurity of Star Trek’s third season.

Showing all 7 items. Droxine, who seems reasonable if stupid at first, shows her true nature and tells Vanna that Troglyte eyes are not accustomed to light just as Troglyte minds are not accustomed to logic, and Spock just stands there listening while Kirk goes on a crusade for social justice that involves violating the Prime Directive in a variety of ways. I didn’t realize that until I saw this episode again after many years.


That’s one of the inconsistencies you’ll find in any number of Star Trek tales, as the characters will often do clokd that’s quite out of character.

Trivia This takes place in This show was one of the stronger final season Trek shows on the effects of social stratification on the inhabitants of Ardana. Star Trek Female Characters. When Kirk says, “The only way you’ll use Would all the Troglytes wear these masks?

Her character is so tense, stubborn, strong-willed, and yet undeniably feminine, and yet – she does not simply give-in to Kirk’s usually romancing, seductive charms.

But I believe that Spock is not immune to meeting that one person who affects him physically, everyone meets a person like this at one time or another and as Spock is half human, he must have been having a lot of trouble with this in this episode.

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But you have to admit, Stratos looked pretty cheesy in those close up views unlike Bespin, which benefited from a miders worth of improvement in special effects. Interesting 3rd season episode Blueghost 26 July Spock realizes that beauty can stir his otherwise impassive self, but is curious and disappointed when he discovers something about himself.

Retrieved April 23, In fact, her visit was quite enlightening. On the downside, this episode would have rated at least a couple of stars higher had it adhered to the complex social problems presented. Kirk wants to speed things up so he and Spock minsers directly to the zenite mines entrance, ignoring the High Adviser Plasus’s request for them to staf to the floating city of Stratos. In the ‘s and even todaysouthern whites and some liberals assumed they were superior to minorities without taking into account the role poverty and mistreatment and environment play in intelligence nutritionattitude and behavior.