Mathieu Ehrsam is a multimedia designer. The notion of landscape is not far removed from that of local land or terroir. In the ESAD, he teaches digital design. It is a year of practice and meeting others, built up with focused workshops, professional immersion, visits, and specialised theoretical contributions. There is a dialogue between conceptual, palpable, ideological and practical points of view; they express movements and tastes, they discuss uses and techniques. His works are in French public collections as well as numerous private collections both in France and abroad.

A photographer and a video artist, Manuela Marques was born in Portugal. Find us on Facebook Reims campus group. In he set up his agency in Paris and developed the multi- disciplinary approach of his work. The scholarship bursaries are given in accordance with 3 criteria: The Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars have been on Unesco’s heritage landscapes list since The contributors explain their link to the work: The aim of the years spent in the Master is to acquire a culture that is both cultural and practical: With a course that is highly geared towards professionalisation, from the 2 nd year on, there are national or international competitions.

Reims, city where the kings of France were coronated The campus is housed in a magnificent seventeenth-century building—the former Jesuit College—near the famous Reims cathedral. Cinma — Gilles Deleuze, entre art et philosophie Collection. Students were invited to explore the issue from their point of view as designersplacing themselves at the level of interaction between man and his environment.

This research project proggramme to new sorts of indoor objects made using plant material.

The electrical resistance and the control box, more fragile, are separated from the main body which has thilloia longevity. Food design is interested therefore in the context and the valorisation of agricultural production, from the transformation by crafts and industry, to the different distribution channels, BtoB or public, in commercial spaces and in tasting, in restaurants or in the domestic context.

A progressive scale is fixed every year. Its main objectives are the following:. Consume mushrooms usually oyster mushrooms.

In she co- founded the agency IK design and began with her associate a reflection on the product design, interior design and scenography. Theory, research and practice make up a packed 9 month programme: Disintegration — Thomas Kern et Marie Legentil The project focuses on the problem of the gradual disappearance of the islands and questions the existence of the possibility of an imaginary other side to the now abandoned gardens.


In the ESAD he coordinates the digital hub which he set up inand teaches design. Inhe founded Projectiles, a multi disciplinary workshop prpgramme architecture and scenography, which was laureate of the Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes in A real historical monument and architectural wonder, the College was renovated so as to preserve the stones, woodwork, stained glass windows and paintings of the period, while integrating the modern spaces classrooms and library required to offer all the services and features of a world-class campus.

The company has selected three projects to produce a prototype. Corrugated leather stool This stool explores the structural properties of leather. He is the cofounder, with Laurent Matras inof the group Delo Lindo Paristhe unique signature of all their projects.

Her thesis, Regards en miroirs. All these gestures taken together form a network of exchanges, circuits, and affects within a system of interactions. The seat is made by the twisting of the material ad while cinsma the usual manner leather is used to cover a surface. It can then be easily used for indoor plants by cutting it into cubes, which are a reminder of its protective role and also look like sugar cubes. Audacious, Reims dares to have a glass mediatheque opposite its gothic thkllois ; a tramway links its two TGV stations.

Another aspect of her work is to spread knowledge of nordic and baltic arts through her publication ARTnord of which she is chief editor.

Scholarship bursary holders are totally or partially exonerated from paying for trips organised by the establishment transport and accommodation. They are also encouraged to get involved in initiatives thilliis on the local community and citizen engagement. Laurent Burte is the author of a manifesto on scratch music linked to his typographical research: Sam has also been an English teacher for the past 15 years for adults and teenagers.

The vegetal can be seen today as a product, because the scientific conception of plants and their mode of industrial production raises questions that are of a qualitative, aesthetic and human order.

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Through observation of the growth of climbing plants, the students develop appropriate domestic objects. Arabic, Portuguese or Swahili. The grid for scholarship bursaries based on social criteria has 9 levels. The scholarship bursaries are given proframme accordance with 3 criteria: In the ESAD, she teaches the history of classical art. He also draws fanzines and designs album covers. In the ESAD, he teaches the cinmea of sound. The Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars have been on Unesco’s heritage landscapes list since Plant design is cihema the borderline between biomimetism, urban ecology and the decorative arts and has been part of the curriculum at ESAD Reims for the last five years or more.


The dialogue with crafts, the industrial problematics and its renewal are at the centre of these reflections. This project, inspired by the practice of customization, allows you to transform your vehicle with different modules for driving, merchandise transport or people transport.

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Students are able to initiate and take part in debates, conferences, study trips, and sports and cultural events, giving them a strong sense of empowerment.

School internal Rules Student Guide Students taking this English-language programme explore transatlantic relations through a comparative approach to studying institutions, law and foreign policy, including such major and varied issues as international diplomacy, environmental governance or an introduction to gender studies.

In the ESAD she teaches food design. It is an opportunity to experiment with new techniques in natural materials. This living work of art is designed as a perfect example of vertical gardening, and includes undemanding plants coexisting with birds and insects and requires very little maintenance.

Registration in higher education establishments cannot be accepted unless the specified payment is made. She has been responsible for the conception and overseeing projects for stands, scenography and TV sets. After a fruitful collaboration with Christian Ghion untilPatrick Nadeau opened his own practice and expanded his activity as a scenographer and a designer.

Specialized in products design and interior architectures, they focus on the new experiments of the users.

In Reims, he teaches graphic design and typography to the undergraduate cycle.

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Her current research is on the transfers of models in Europe, and the interactions between art and finance in the context of what was conferred art status and gained heritage status in the financial world in the 18 th century. Africa specialisation Through this French-language programme, students explore the history of the African continent and Africa-related democratic, demographic, environmental, economic and urban development issues and conflicts.

Culinary gestures draw the eye and delimit space.