Taichi wins his match, but Chihaya loses to Megumu. Ise telephones Shinobu to tell her that he will register her in the high school individual tournament and that Arata is going to compete as well. The Class A final is between Arata and Shinobu. He sees that Chihaya reacts first, but Shinobu is faster and moves more accurately to take all the cards. Chihaya sets a goal of winning the Tokyo regional high school team tournament, so the club decides to hold a camp at Taichi’s house over a long holiday weekend while his family is away. Waga Miyo ni Furu Nagame Shima ni. On the way home, everyone comments that the team is much stronger now. Meanwhile, the Mizusawa club competes in the Tokyo regional team tournament.

He sees that Chihaya reacts first, but Shinobu is faster and moves more accurately to take all the cards. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Chihaya goes to watch Taichi in the Class B final, where his fatigue and lack of physical speed lead to his loss. Harada tells him that Chihaya never gave up on karuta, often playing karuta alone in middle school, even though she joined the track team. When the other members select Taichi, Chihaya declares herself captain. Arata texts Taichi a happy birthday wish to relay to Chihaya. Attention shifts to the master match. Noticing Chihaya fight through her pain, the others become more determined.

Chihaya, Arata, and Taichi play Retro and his friends in a three-on-three Genpei match.

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Taichi has the advantage with better memorization and wins. Chihaya assesses Megumu’s play compared to her play in the queen challenger match against Yumi the previous fall, concluding Megumu has improved.

When the match between Taichi and Nishida comes down to luck of the draw, Taichi tries to increase his chances of winning by trying to push Nishida into a fault, but he fails.

When Chihaya sends a card and takes it, Shinobu remembers Chihaya doing the same thing to her the previous year.

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Kana agrees to join the club on the condition that Chihaya models kimonos for the store’s catalog and that the club members wear hakama for tournaments. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Taichi texts Arata saying that Chihaya won the first round and that he expects Arata to be the western finalist.


She is shocked that competitive karuta chihayaruru not the refined love of poetry that she thought it was. Chihaya texts Arata that the final was both the most fun match and the most frustrating loss. Chihaya realizes she needs to become chihayavuru to the cards the way Shinobu and Kana are.

Despite their loss, the Chiba team says they learned a lot and promise to return a better team for next year’s tournament. Taichi also secretly desires to compete in the eastern master qualifier.

Arata finally checks his email and sees all the texts from Chihaya. Retrieved from ” https: Chihaya takes out a deck of cards and tries to get him to play karuta, but Arata kicks the deck, scattering the cards. Tsuboguchi and Yumi become seasno eastern finalists. Taichi tells him that he played karuta in middle school with a club, but it is no longer chihaafuru dream to become a master.

During practice, Tsukuba expresses an inflated opinion of his karuta skills. Wata no hara 09 Mar 7.

While Chihaya endures the pain of her injury, she notices Shinobu watching and gives her teammates encouragement. Chihaya tries to play a balanced style that doesn’t rely on speed, but she is unable to restrain herself and commits a lot of faults. As Shinobu dominates the match, Chihaya takes the tape off her finger to move faster, but Shinobu still wins. Buy on Manga Store. Taichi says nothing, but thinks that it is because he and Arata think of Chihaya as belonging to both of them.

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The doctor tells Chihaya that she should refrain from intense activity with a weakened finger bone, although she is referred to a larger hospital for a better diagnosis. Taichi and Nishida learn that two schools get to advance to the national tournament from Tokyo this year. Sumire and Chihaya end up doing seaxon short karuta-themed comedy piece with Nishida as Genji on the proscenium without a sseason.


Arata’s parents spectate the Class A tournament. Chihaya wins and makes Class A. Taichi’s mother scolds him for losing and tells him to attempt only things at which he is guaranteed to win, but Chihaya tells him there is nothing wrong with losing a fair fight. He sees that Chihaya reacts first, but Shinobu is faster and moves more accurately to take all the cards. When Chihaya learns that the poems have symbolic meanings and rich historical contexts, she asks Kana to explain all of them.

At the next meeting, nearly all of the applicants leave the club.

Chihaya also wins her match. Shinobu challenges Arata to a game, but he declines, stating it is a day for team matches. Komano decides to gooanime the karuta club. The team forfeits Chihaya’s match, but continues the round. Sumire is impressed that Chihaya was not belittled because she was a girl playing against boys. In the second round, Nishida is matched against Arata.

Kyoko Yamashiro is the reader for the final. Edit Ending Theme 1: As Chihaya falls behind, she stops playing aggressively. Taichi also loses his match, so the team is eliminated. Mar 5, Praised by one of the officials who thinks he is there to compete, Arata imagines telling his grandfather that he still loves karuta.

Harada catches Sumire spying on the players through the door. When Taichi’s mother and younger sister come home early, Chihaya and Kana hide, then go to Chihaya’s house to sleep.