Choi Sung Joon Supporting Cast. Cheondamdong may seem glamorous and filled with powerful players, but really — what fuel’s Artemis’s empire but the fear and insecurities of women who can hardly afford their wares? And I fear that I will have to follow her off a cliff, given the dark undertones of this show. Not sure what Yoon Joo is at this point. Now she needs to find another. So, I assume that calling would be ok, if u don’t know the person well though I maybe wrong and that was the case only in QSS.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Yeah, I suspected as much. I like your comment. Friend points out Seung Jo cried because of her, to which Seung Jo brings up ahjummas crying when watching sad societal exposes. You know you wanna! He decides to head up the stairs between two men dressed in similar coffee-colored suits. Im loving this show seriously! He goes all the way to GN Fashion and sees Se-kyung just arriving from her trips.

They had seen Han Se-kyeong’s resume at the epiaode of the drama. Ah, the pining heart of love! I too find Se-Kyung’s character sooo compelling, and am in for the whole ride as well! The only progress I saw in these two episodes was Yoon Jo but even that was developed so slowly.

Do you think these girls will be viewed as wife material after being passed around rich men? From the official character description, Tommy’s character isn’t going to be the villain. Ah, these dramas and their indulgent daddy cha’s!


This show is definitely my new crack! I’m wondering if Tommy Hong has it rraw him to be a vengeful villain. So far I’d say Alice is Se-kyung. I have zero designer anything! He’s direct and he believes all people are direct or he believed that once. Seo In Chan showed Se Kyung that when faced with a chance to leave behind his horrible life, he would take it, even if it meant cheongdamdoong advantage of her good intentions.

Cause from what she said, it seems that she really did get ‘sponsored’ and sold her body. And the why behind it?

That is just how k-drama works. Can we skip this whole week and go straight to Saturday! The closed worlds of these dramas are pretty claustrophobic when love appears.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

For now, Yoon Joo intrigues me the most. Episode is simply Funtastic. And I fear that I will have to follow her off a cliff, given the dark undertones of this show. Moon keeps babbling about how Se-kyung must be hurt, so Psycho-jo cuts him off and tells him to make sure the name So In-chan never comes up again.

Pam, Jhen my dear pledged sisters, I just got to see both CA 7 ad 8, and what an amazing drama? Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.


My god this drama is getting explosive.

This means lots of longing looks, wagging tails, and unnamed good deeds. You need to find cheongdamdongg one. More Park Si-hoo to come-back in Japan? She presents the menu, which has meat in it, then recommends tasty vegetarian replacements. I had no clue who it might be. Oh how so cruel was her speech to him, dear God. All the other female diners look around jealously.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4 | Scattered Joonni

And I cried few times cheongdamodng through these 4 episodes. I think the Red Queen is supposed to be In hwa? Yorobun, I can confirm that we have a full-fledged drama mania addiction on our hands!

Jang means Happy Tommy, which means Se-kyung will hopefully find her happiness. He mentions her name, and Tommy wonders if it just may be the same Han Se-kyung who served him in the restaurant. Seriously, how could a big fight take place in a wealthy Cheongdam-dong society and folks not carry a photo?