Cha Seung-jo bumps into his father, Cha ll-nam, and they have a very unhappy conversation. A customer has come to Artemis and complains that one of the bags she bought has detached spots on it. However, the previous loss of a loved one makes Cha Seung Jo wary and distrustful of women. She enlists Yoon-joo’s help and embarks on the project to become a “Cheongdam-dong daughter in-law,” a term referring to stylish young married women of the upper crust living in that wealthy neighborhood. Although it was a broadcast, I was too comfortable and [energetic], and I think that I should have been a little bit more careful. Go Hye Mi is a student who sings It takes a while for it to make up its mind which direction its going, and there are some hurried instances of mistakes, such as the prop team misspelling the male lead’s name on his desk plate for the first episode or two. It works pretty well overall when all is said and done, and is a show that indeed gets better as it goes along.

Baidu Baike in Chinese. Geun Young unni taught me in a friendly manner how to position my eyes and the angle of my face. He also put Han Se-kyung’s shoes on her. In return, Tommy Hong pours a cup of soy sauce onto Han Se-kyung. Seeing how Yoon-joo’s life has changed compared to her own, Se-kyung decides to do exactly the same thing: The series finale recorded its highest ratings with a viewership of

After a few missteps, she finds the perfect target in the form of a young arrogant fashion brand CEO. Seeing how Yoon-joo’s life has changed compared to her own, Se-kyung decides to do exactly the same thing: Cheongdam-dong Alice — 6.

Moon Geun Young Philippines: Moon Geun Young in Cheongdamdong Alice Press Conference.

The story of Oh Soo, a well known gambler and that of Oh Young, the blind heiress of a large corporation. But, I’d much rather have the production team concentrate on getting it right on the back end of the story and along the way of courseand, they do accomplish that pretty well. What she says completely shatters Se-kyung’s life philosophy rooted in hard work and consistent effort. Page 1 of Send a private message to alizamehayu.


I will work hard to the best of my ability to create a great alics. Han Se-kyung goes and visits her. Seo, Ho Min 1 episode, Pretty much feeling like crap and resigned to the fact that she’s just never going to succeed, Alice makes a fateful decision to have her friend teach her how to essentially con a rich man into marriage.

Cheongdam-dong Alice

However, while they are getting ready to leave, Cha Seung-jo accidentally drinks a bottle of poisonous liquid. Was this review helpful to you? And despite his line of business, he feels a strong hatred towards women who marry for money and are obsessed with designer labels.

She is deliberately shocked when she sees that the president is her ex-boyfriend. Moon Geun-young stars in the titular Alice role Is wealth everything we need? Retrieved 21 December A tomboy, mistaken for inyerview lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment.

Moon Geun Young Falls Asleep on the Set of “Alice in Cheongdamdong”

Tommy Hong sees Shin In-hwa and asks her to collaborate with him on a project next season. Originally Posted by alizamehayu udah dong eS reserved nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hureeeeeeeeeeeeee Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love. Edit Storyline A young fashion designer seizes the opportunity to marry into a wealthy family, and finds out more about love and herself along the way, in this modern Korean take on several age old stories. In return, Tommy Hong pours a cup of soy sauce onto Han Se-kyung.

Go Hye Mi is a student who sings Under the warning of his father that someone is secretly taking pictures of him, he catches Seo Ho-min and warns him not ever to do it again. Her acting is good and I have a lot of expectations. Chae Dae Wong, an aspiring actor, unwillingly releases a Gumiho, a legendary nine-tailed fox, from her centuries-old prison. His strategy for management is to raise the price of products to achieve increased sales.


Park Si Hoo said it is unfortunate the drama is only 16 episodes. The series finale recorded its highest ratings with a viewership of So Han Se-kyung then decides to work part-time at the restaurant where Tommy Hong usually goes to in order to catch his attention. Alice in Chungdamdong follows Five Fingers next December. She finds that in his mailbox, there are many collection letters from various banks.

Moon Geun Young considering to cast in ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’

So, year-old super cute Moon Geun Young will romance cheongsamdong Park Shi Hoo in this light, trendy and predictable love. Being an actress is different from the norm and I realized that I have to embrace all the emotions experienced during the tender age of puberty until the end.

Cha Seung-jo makes an excuse of having to answer the President’s phone call and leaves. She finally gets a break in the form of what amounts to an internship at a major design company. But instead, Tommy Hong sees her desire, what she wants in alicw heart. Yuk, Berburu Poin dast detikForum! Seo Yoon-joo pays an unexpected visit to Han Se-kyung’s house.

Roy Kim asks people around the world to help him with his college thesis paper research. This makes Han Se Kyung look back on her life.