Retrieved 18 November Yet, paradoxically, when she is mutilated, she cannot be healed directly. Thanks a lot for informing about the name. Cheluvi says that she will be able to regain her human form if he is able to find her missing branches. Retrieved from ” https: A relevant one here is that the words for “flowering” and “menstruation” are the same in languages like Sanskrit and Tamil. The warning for not plucking more than what is required is in coherence with the practice of sustainable development. Just now was it that I searched for the keywords:

After a long time, the prince haggard and unrecognizable reached her elder sister’s town. If possible please some one provide the link to download this movie.. Alert on more product reviews. We’ll contact you shortly. Since im not reviewing on the Channel let me continue with the movie. Ramanujan, one of its resonates itself with our present concerns with ecology and conservation.

Dear Royat, HOw are u,, I really dont have words for your tribute There is also the suggestion that a tree is vulnerable to careless handling like a woman.

Her envious sister-in-law watched her do the transformation on one night. Your review helped me recollect the entire movie and be sure that this is the movie I was searching for: The children later force her into the forest,and break her branches when she becomes a tree.

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Retrieved 18 November She is safe only with a married sister-in-law who is probably not threatened or envious and, lastly, with a husband who, through an experience of loss, shory matured enough to care for her as a person. Retrieved 3 March Her older sister plucked flowers from the transformed tree making sure that she doesn’t damage any other part of the tree. She was a wounded carcass. One day the prince discovers those garlands in the palace and gets curious about its flower’s origin.


She was brought to the cgeluvi, bathes, healed and kept at the main door as a “thing” for decoration.

Chwluvi, Sushma, Poornima Chikkerur, Girish Karnad, Padmavati Rao, Appayya, Sivdasan, Suresh Kulkarni, Vijaya Yakkundi Karnad retells a Karnataka folk-tale, dubbed in Hindi, usually told by women while feeding children or putting them to bed, a time when other women would also be present.

His sister was worried and tried all sorts of ways to make him speak.

I saw this movie in my childhood and I want to watch it again and I am trying very hard cheluuvi get this movie but unable to find it on net can you tell me where I can buy or downl They weaved the fragrant flowers into garlands and chelvui them at the King’s palace.

He followed the girls back to their house. Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Director – Girish Karnad Cast: A tree that has come to flower or fruit will not be cut down; it is treated as a mother, a woman who has given birth.

I am too much surprised to see this name review category. In the end, Kumar disconsolately leaves carting off the Cheluvi-stump.

The King prince’s father was overjoyed at the return of his long lost son and daughter-in-law. The objectification of women is another strong issue hidden in this tale.

Kumar coaxes cheluvi to let out her little secret.

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She had only half a body. This has been regularly done by many feminist writers. She can be made whole only by becoming the tree again, becoming vulnerable again, and trusting her husband storry graft and heal her broken branches. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. There lived a poor woman in a certain town with her two daughters.


A Flowering Tree: A Woman’s Tale

Kumar misses his wife and is depressed,Cheluvi requests the wood cutter to place her infront of her husband house,People witness the freak of nature,And finally kumar realises that it is his wife lying in the courtyard. Write a Review on Cheluvi. She asked him to perform the ritual and fix all her broken branches and then transform her back to human form in a hope that she would be normal again. Meanwhile, the prince distraught at her wife’s disappearance assumes that she left him due to his arrogance.

All the people who saw this said to themselves, chluvi all, every wrong has its punishment.

Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on Dec 26, Ramanujan, one of its resonates itself with our present concerns with ecology stiry conservation. The movie left a lasting impression on my young mind, I was barely nine years old, however the scene where children b When the princess changed to the human form, she had no hands and feet.

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