For you personally, what was the most difficult task of the project? Therefore, the making of long shots long frames shot with one shot was quite difficult. And yet we had experience working with freelancers. How many of them were VR specialists? Wishes do come true, but did you make it right? We had to return models for revision, simplify them, make LODs, bake details into textures, change them to PBR Physically based rendering , arrange lights, etc. For our next project, we would like to transfer some of the work to outsourcing. I mean all stages, from modeling to animation, visualization and final assembly.

For this purpose, non-classical as yet! Since the VR product was something specific, it reflected in all stages of production. We try to avoid remote work. What if you made a mistake? Sergey Kirillov, TD supervisor: At the same time, there is in it another, deeply intimate moment.

We know that about 30 people were engaged in the project.

That is, effects that seem complicated, can and should be simplified. For example, about half of the cartoon is camera-shot. Sergey Kirillov, TD supervisor: Exception is made at the stage of sound design of the cartoon, when we already collaborate with the sound engineer. But the technical requirements for models, textures, rigs, etc. For you personally, what was the most difficult task of the project?

The number of animations has also increased manifold, which entails a big waste of time for tests. Does the Simpals Studio have a positive experience with freelancers? Our script idea was in the works, but when we decided to make a cartoon for virtual reality glasses, only the cosmonaut and space remained from the original idea: At first glance, which is slightly superficial, it may seem that such types of content are produced in the same exact way.


But it so happened that very quickly he moved from remote work to fulltime to our office. About the complexities and peculiarities you can read below. We also never worked with game engines we chose UNREALand therefore every step in this direction was a novelty, we learned during the production process: It has taken us about eighteen months to reach the stage of the finished product!

So, we hope we made a cool product and the viewer will like it! Of course, it is interesting to observe from the outside, but I believe more in the perspective of interactive communication. Everything that can be baked should be baked. Sign in Get started. Dmitri Voloshin, animated film director: In the interview they will tell us about their recent project, an animated short for virtual reality.

I mean all stages, from modeling to animation, visualization and final assembly. In fact, this is the layer between the manager and the performer.

CGI Animated Short Film HD: Dji Death Fails by Simpals – Coub – GIFs with sound

Despite this, while working on the next cartoon, we are considering the possibility of transferring animation to outsourcing. As a film sikpals, did you have any difficulties on account of VR technology? The other ones want to see it beautiful, although not physically correct and resource-intensive.

Have freelancers been involved in the project? How much did it increase the workload? This is the first studio project using VR. Were there any other interesting moments related to free viewer? We try to solve all problems within the team. If I shall refer to the plot, you will get to shodt the Moldovan cosmonaut Nelu, who in his childhood, like all boys, dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut.


– CGI Animated Short Film HD: “Dji Death Fails” by Simpals

Only the medal has two sides. Programmers and artists have different mental models and approach to processing For the first ones, it is important that everything works quickly and without failures. At one stage of production, it became obvious to us that it would have to be completely reassembled, since we needed to improve performance.

For us, this cartoon was the first in a lot of ways: Tests are done to see how it looks in VR. In principle, everything was more or less difficult. The guys worked on different scenes, which needed to be combined into one in such a way that the result looked whole and the dynamics of neither the character nor the camera were lost.

When will the cartoon come out and where can we find it?

short cartoon cgi animated short film hd dji death fails by simpals studio cgmeetup

You know, spectators now have the opportunity to choose the view direction. They often act as mentors, for less experienced employees. We try to keep up with progress, so even these nuances were not frightening. When you took up the project, did you feel any burden of responsibility or did you feel completely confident in the successful implementation? Simpalls Babanu, VR developer: In addition, there are immense differences in directing and staging.