Travel with Kirito and Asuna from the very beginning of Aincrad to the th Floor with many changes from the canon. A different take on SAO, where Laughing Coffin has much more of a presence, the pain absorption is removed entirely, and there are now floors. Ienai mama de nokoshite moite. Something In The Aftermath Chapter Trus klo gak ada karakter yang tugasnya ngerebut harta warisan, rasanya ada yang kurang. The Struggle of Life by myheartbelongstoaboywithalimp reviews Ichigo and Rukia are married and Orihime can’t stand the pain of seeing them. Return of the God Chapter A very pretty friend.

Anyway, next chapter should be even more interesting. Even though he erases her memories of the event, they meet again. Dumdum Dummy Dumbstruck Chapter Dengan kondisimu yang sekarang itu amatlah mustahil! Your Hands Are Warm by Chikachoo reviews Lucy discovers that absence does make the heart grow fonder. Tapi lihatlah, hanya dalam waktu kurang dari sejam, mereka telah menjadi suami istri sah di pertemuan pertama mereka.

Naruto’s Weakness by Satoorihoya reviews In which Hinata sought out for someone new and Naruto disapproves it.

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A thousand years into the divergence, ten-year-old Hinata befriends Naruto. Rated M just in case! How will these two strangers meet and become friends. May contain more anime, books and movies. Miku has changed ceritw his eyes but will his love prevail and be requited, or will his affection lead to an obsessive insanity?

The first step to restoring his clan, and boy was the Uchiha happy.

User Guide and Manual by Firemockingjay reviews A basic manual on how to care for your new douchebag. Pocky Game by EnurSuki reviews Pocky Game, sebuah game konyol yang membuat Hinata harus berpikir berkali-kali untuk memenangkannya. Get the whole series See all. Outsiders by Animak reviews Both of cefita had different pasts and different lifestyles.

Family by superfreakerz reviews After a drunken night due to a Fairy Tail party, Lucy finds herself pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is. Weird chapter but im really interested in whats going to happen next.


Might be a cerrita out of character. Leaving the Cold by Potsie18 reviews They managed to bleah the orgnization. Itu membekas dan meninggalkan jejak. Meeting him in the worst way ever, she doesn’t know if she could handle living under the same roof as him but as the time goes, she learns that he isn’t such a bad guy. Sadly I’m engaged to Kaito.

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Caught by myheartbelongstoaboywithalimp reviews Ichigo is protective of Orihime, dangerously so. This was written at the request of my readers who I am so grateful to!

Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder by Entangled in each others arms reviews Its hurts when you want to be with someone but their some wheres else. Open to find out! Bersama Asuna, Yui, dan Sachi, mereka akan mengembangkan dunia lagi.

Chimaera Chord Chapter He is eventually killed when he continues his investigation. Don’t Believe the Hide Chapter End of The Bond 2 Chapter Love Born of Darkness by tfbl reviews It had always been part of his nature, as far as Hannibal could recall. I wrote this short little Drabble right after it came out so obviously the events aren’t canon cuz what really happened turned out different. A Veteran’s Promise by arelia22 reviews Maybe the war was over and the years had gone by.

Do You Even Know? Seseorang yang akan berbagi kebahagiaan, meghilangkan kesedihan, mendukung ketika kita lemah, cerit hal-hal jenaka yang membuat kita tertawa, berbagi sekeping roti, mendengarkan masalah kita, dan di setiap anime arti dari cerkta itu bermacam-macam.

Turns into a crossover midway. epusode

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Love in silent by aisyaeva reviews Last chap Happily Ever Nalu by TinutaUchiha Lucy Heartfilia has never experienced love, but that all changes when a certain someone comes along BTW Juvia also has her heart broken by Gray in this story. Soul Mates by PhoebeSnow reviews “No matter how many times we meet, no matter what lives we lead, all I have to do is cerota into your eyes and I always find my home.


Theirs gonna be quite a few parts, light lemon chapter 2 onward, heavy lemon at chapter 5. But will he stop the issue or go on with it? Ice 5222 by ginlightl reviews Summary: Remember me 522 password? The Headless Star 6 Chapter Lucy immediately closed her eyes and whipped her head around. A fighter and a dancer. Compulsive by stopnatsu reviews Lucy’s been sent to Tranquil Pines, a rehabilitation facility for troubled teens to help overcome her destructive behaviors.

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The Scar Mask Chapter I will do my best but it going to take a long time since I got my own story to finish. I love you, Natsu. But a change is coming, and the very reason they fight may be shaken by its foundations. The Fire Dragon Heiress by NightRaven33 reviews When Team Natsu leaves to complete a mission that might be a lead to Igneel, they encounter something that they do not expect at all.

Special Delivery by Sleeze reviews A miss delivered package containing lingerie? She meets Sesshomaru who despises her ever since they were young. Kalau begitu, ini,” Sasuke menubrukkan bibir manis Hinata dengan ice cream yang barusan ia makan. Fallen angel Rotana cousin of Sariel is to capture them in order to be accepted back into heaven but will she let her feelings and new found love for modern Tokyo get in the way of her cluding most or all original Characters.

Salamander Octopus by Jayalek reviews Lucy tries to get out of bed but Natsu is being difficult.

South North Story by Animak reviews There is no reason for them to meet. Currently editing and fixing the other chapters.