Start your search here Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Plus many other familiar faces, of course…. It kept me in suspense like the other shows mentioned. Notify me of new comments via email. Something’s gone wrong Please try again later.

December 19, at 4: Report comment number The most time-comsuming and therefore expensive part of filming is moving people and equipment from location to location, so we arrange filming so we move as little as possible. Look for ones that put on plays, not just song-and-dance showcases. I speak at length about that here: Concentrate on creating a career for yourself, not just getting a role on Wolfblood. Can you pass on a message to the cast for me? People have been going on about her but who is she.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The forum is quiet, and not many members are around any more, but I really want it to be alive with fans of the show as much as ever.

Episodes on BBC iPlayer. Then there are many more 144 of editing, special iplayeer, adding music… How long does it take to film an episode of Wolfblood? December 29, at 6: I am going to miss Tom and Shan, but this series looks so good!

The 3-minute preview showed that he’s returning in the wild WB rebellion with Emilia, and I can remember his Wolf form being grey. In Episode 11, she can be seen bowing to Imara and in Episode 12, she can be seen holding Imara back when she growls at Victoria. Usually about three months. None of the characters is exactly like me, but I suppose the closest to me as a teenager is Shannon….


I might do that quickly, or I might not do it for several hours. Who are they, and will she able to help them? Plus many other familiar faces, of course… Will Maddy, Rhydian, Shannon and Tom return to season five? So none of us are allowed to read any suggestions, ideas, theories, fan fiction, or anything related to Wolfblood.

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All Wolfblood Wolfblood – Wolfblood series 4 finale! What is the theme song from Wolfblood? Number of dbbc Number of loves Wolfblood Being a teenager is hard enough. And where do you imagine other wolfbloods meeting each other in general? If you send in your script and they like it, they might recommend you to write for Wolfblood or some other show.

Desperate Measures — Wolfblood, Series 2 Jana is after Shannon’s computer, and Maddy must decide where her best interests lie. In an emergency, about a day? I work with the producers and script editors instead, and of course the other writers, exchanging ideas and making the show as good as we can.

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Unfortunately not, because of the sheer number of people who ask. Posted by Adorable cheetah cub 1 May No thanks Looking for CBeebies shows? Captivity Jana is in epizode middle of a mission in her new job at Segolia when she spots two Wolfbloods in wolf form being chased through the streets. Last updated on 4th January I don’t like those shows I’m too old for CBeebies.

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Maddy blames herself for Shannon’s depression and hopes to make amends at the school disco. Dances with Wolfbloods — Wolfblood, Series 2 Maddy blames herself for Shannon’s depression and hopes to make amends at the school disco Release date: Is that the local dialect?


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Posted by U 4 Sep spisode Would like to see more like this. Something’s gone wrong Please try again later. The Call of the Wild. This entry is now closed for comments.

And inevitably, there are various items of fan-designed unofficial merchandise available on various sites. Report comment number 6. Why did you hide them? Are you ever going to feature vampires in Wolfblood?

Every community has its big events and rituals. December 28, at 5: Lol, probs spamming everywhere After passing the bush in lvl 13 Wolfsbane gorge, I cannot get myself and the pack across the ditch without the pack falling in iplayet, please tell me how you do it.

Comments To use comments you will need to have JavaScript enabled. Season DVDs have also been released in Germany, and are available in many other countries via Amazon and other online retailers.

Posted by BlazeLeapingStarlight 23 Feb When you write something, no part of it, no individual character, is your favourite. January 17, at 6: Report comment number 7. I have no clue what to do now.