She writes from the intersections of art, visual culture and anthropology, and has contributed to The New Inquiry , The LA Review of Books and Artforum , among other publications. Intrepid visitors might like to head up to Aldis Hill Park with parking and access at the Hard’Ack Recreation Area to romp around and, perhaps, … Read moreMOVIE TIMES 05478


It shows the area which is the result of mapping of some initial area usually square. For example, let us use the standard 3D data array and show its interior see section CutMinMax sample. Simple variant requires a single data array for plotting, other data coordinates are considered uniformly distributed in axis range. Below I … Read moreMATHGL PLOT EXAMPLE


In Beirut last sunday I introduced the film mentioning Juris Podnieks as well, the cameraman of Herz for this film and the man who later became the Perestroika filmmaker, and who got a much shorter life than Herz: Denne stiliserede scene er undtagelsen. This retrospective, his first in the United States, includes his widely acclaimed … Read moreCARRIES DAGBOG FILM