Ohji 5 episodes, Kent Williams Casshern, Lyuze, Ringo, and Ohji live on away from Luna, growing flowers. Written by Aiman Haioty. Now the robots are left only to contemplate their deaths, kept going only by the rumor that if they eat the one called Casshern they will gain immortality. Casshern Sins truly is in love with itself. Leda confronts Luna at her castle and is about to kill her when Luna stabs her. But, I’m not the director, so all I can do is enjoy the ride.

This was the best episode so far. PV English dub version 1 play More videos Edit Synopsis In a distant future, Earth has become a wasteland and humanity as we know it has died out. Archived from the original on After leaving the now-empty robot town, Casshern meets the first human being in his travels, that being a man called Akos. Additional Voices 6 episodes, Edit Did You Know? Retrieved 22 May

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Casshern finds one of the robots who is healed by Luna earlier attacked and beaten to near death by other epissode. Casshern Sins Episode 8 Discus She encounters Ringo, but is hesitant to kill her. Moments later, Akos succumbs to his prolonged illness and dies in the sand.

I woudn’t use the term “stupid”, since they don’t have much to lose and Casshern may be their only hope. BBCode “Perhaps there is a universal, absolute truth. Her death resulted in a war that has humanity on the losing end with robots being on the verge of death due to the radical change in the environment; a legend was made known to the robots that Casshern’s death can save them all.

Casshern and Friender arrive at a city that is surrounded by a lake, which is populated with robots who have already accepted death.

He only stops when Ringo, who is still terrified of him, shouts at him to stop. Casshern Sins Episode 22 Discussion shoxk – Mar 8, When she told Casshern to “take her” I thought this anime was about to enter a totally different genre! Yet, Casshern Sins continues to impress me nonetheless.


Casshern Sins

Casshern and the others are shocked and angry at Luna’s change in behavior and outlook on life. Additional Voices suns episodes, Brina Palencia Episode 24 Episode 23 Episode 22 Episode Casshern knows nothing about his past, why he exists or what he is, but he must find out or he will face the constant torment of being hunted by robots who don’t want to die.

Casshern confronts Luna, and questions whether her current role will truly bring salvation to the world. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Remnants of a vampire clan that wanted to rule the world alone, but got defeated in a war by joined forces of other vampires and humans, kidnap the brother of a vampire war veteran.

The enhlish song at the start was freaking bad. Anyway, good stuff Thirded The scene at the pink lake the environments in CS are always astounding and defy logic was somehow very ballet-like in its surreal-ness. Share this Rating Title: Casshern, Friender and a stalking Lyuze trail a group of wailing robots who call to Luna and say that meeting her will bring salvation. I’d like for the story to move forward now.

Akos then decides to part ways with Casshern and Friender, and his last words to Casshern are that he is not a Grim Reaper after all, because he did not die traveling with him.

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Leda finds Dio with a missing arm, and rests peacefully at his side. As Casshern and Lyuze cassbern them off, Nico is killed while protecting a doll made of scraps that she still perceived to be Luna. The strange girl’s name was Nico and she used to be a servant of Luna. Casshern and Lyuze discover vast swaths of robot remains while approaching a valley.


The demon Tora, makes him an offer. Meanwhile, robots continue to flock to Luna’s sanctuary, except that she wanted robots who are decaying to be killed. Casshern learns that Dio’s reason to live is to defeat him.

In a city where the paranormal and ordinary co-exist, the Libra organization battles to ensure peace and order. Years later, Ringo, now a beautiful young lady, and Friender stay near Lyuze and Ohji’s graves, waiting eternally for Casshern to return.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Failing to do so and breaking a leg in the process, Friender leaves Casshern behind and encounters a mixed group of robots and humans led by Jin, who believes that Luna is alive and is looking for her.

The story of two brainwashed assassins, Ein and Zwei, who struggle to regain their memories as they work for the Inferno crime syndicate.

One of the members, Gido, learns that Friender was a companion of the infamous Casshern and abandons Jin’s group to join the rogue robots. Lyuze 5 episodes, In the end, Lizabel is forced to create a bell that sounded horribly when struck, annoying the robots who heard it and causing them to attack and nearly destroy her tower in the process. Sind seeking shelter, Casshern encounters his former master, Sinx Boss, who explains Luna’s immortality and Casshern’s order to assassinate her. In the near future, an amnesiac Casshern fights anti-human robots on a desolate Earth.