Tangs Nakago – Full length, double pegged. What’s your intended use? Will you be able to beat them to death like the Raptor series? Each katana in the series features a unique blade style, each with its origins in Japanese swordmaking history, providing the cutting practitioner with choices in both aesthetics and handling characteristics. I’m much taller but still prefer this length and weight. Are you cutting, doing iai?

Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 18, The Unokobi is the lightest of all 4. Dear God, the rain indeed I’m not new to swords, but I’m not too knowledgeable about swords in this context. Blades – Forged from high-carbon steel, marquenched to an edge hardness of 57HRc. Feb 23, 2: If you’re 5’6 and lbs, this probably isn’t the sword for you.

Will you be able to beat them to death like the Raptor series? Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 17, Jan 18, I could recommend others but I’m guessing you have a specific reason for choosing Hanwei and Raptor series? Best of luck in your search!

Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. The blade will also be great, and just as tough as the Raptor.

Raptor Series Katana Details –

They are all pretty good for your standard back-yard bottle slaying. I’m much taller but still prefer this length and weight. The Nambo is a large sword,tho very well balanced,with Okissake. Been wanting to make a kuska cup Hard to go wrong with Raptors as first-time-buyer swords, although if your primary swries will be mats, I think there are more suitable options in the same price point.


Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison

das Its geometry and bevels lighten it considerably. While the Wakizashi and Tanto of the Raptor series providing matching pieces for any of the Raptor katanas, they are in their own right designed as very effective cutting tools.

I vacuumed a million crumbled polystyrene chips the whole forenoon. Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment.

Got the weekend off now. Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 20, Imo,this tsuka shape makes it just a little b t easier for a beginner to find good edge alignment to the target. Rain, rain, and more rain.

I also have the weekend off now as well. Feb 23, 2: If you’re 5’6 and lbs, this probably isn’t the sword for you. Good afternoon Ouro Feb 24, Designed under the auspices of cutting master James Williams the Raptor series has been created for the cutting practitioner who does not necessarily have access to mats but who wishes to practice and perfect his cutting technique.

They could help with sizing and options. Zero Celcius with some freezing rain making everything slick. Feb 23, 8: Also learn from holy books and wise people. I’ve been looking at some options and decided on the Hanwei Raptor series, so I wanted to know your thoughts on these three swords.

Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison | SBG Sword Forum

I’d like to know what really makes these swords different. Nice acquisitions ouroboros, fun and lively swords. Shoutbox can see messages disappear pretty quick some mornings. The shinogi and shobu feel like average sries cutters, if that helps any, as handling and balance is all subjective to each user.

Anybody want to swap their flat-bottom boat for a couple of swords? The blades are forged in high-carbon steel and specially heat treated to produce very high resilience and greater tolerance of misdirected cuts than a conventional differentially tempered blade. Probably the better option if you’re a little smaller. I’m a katana newb, and I know this doesn’t answer your question anyway.


Price is also good enough to justify having the tsuka rewrapped if preferred. Some of the caw mentioned above over 2. It’s supposed to top our around 5 this aft shorts n a t-shirt weather for ice-burned cannucks but the freezing rain Dear God, the rain indeed Hello and welcome to the forum. Last day off for the weekend. If you have any more specific questions about the models, post ’em up.

Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 13, 6: The Unokubi is a completely different design that will hanwwei for a different “touch”in technique specific styles. The fake suede type ito on the Raptors feels ok, but doesn’t hold up well fraying, loosening to heavy usage, ime. It hasn’t let up in almost 14 days.

I love the rain Good luck finding the sword that fits you best. Once your choice is made I would discuss it with Sensei first and make sure it meets his requirements.

Hanwei Raptor Series Comparison Jan 18, 7: Feb 23, 1: