It has aired 6 times in Iran. Since Neelam had been going to an English medium school, her accent is justified. Thanks SZ, for not minding this little detour from Numm. The show also featured a house band which had some of the high-profile musicians Her acting bit is so justified.. Member feedback about Kurkure: He is in need of a girl to love.

I mean even if he is not really a husband, how could ever live with a man who has killed her own son? I think if she tells it directly to MJ, she will realize how much MJ also want it.. Shehzad Sheikh is a Pakistani film and television actor and model, known for playing the lead role in the film Karachi Se Lahore. Shararat Episode part 4 Tech Zombie 22 days ago. Finally, a shout out to the the DOP for the lovely night time shots. Pervez is tired of his wife Lubna talking constantly on her phone with her brother Rahat. Haan, ab I don;t have enought to drool over Fk tu yehi sahi.

Aasaar Azal no-show Just in Cas You have mentioned in a later comment that the actor playing Q is Hashir….

Who do you all nominate for the Worst Namoona from Numm award?? An effective communicator and negotiator, with highly developed strategic, tactical, technical and people skills and having a track record in leading and managing innovative, creative and cost effective operations on key posts in Pakistan and UAE in television channels like Geo and ARY, Production houses, he has proven himself in the field.

Here, there was no Mahira, no QB in the bulbjlay, it was just Fawad Khan, Aisha Khan was a non-player in the scene, bululay she might as well have not been there. It set up the whole scenario so beautifully.

Ayesha Omer

Loneliness is a Pakistani television drama serial by Hum TV. The top 20 were selected on the basis of vocals, music and arrangements which was then narrowed down to the top List of Pakistani models topic This is a list of notable Pakistani models.


You have it all wrong if you think Numm is boring. After recovering from injury, Omer told media:. Theatre produces some very good actors! She wrote Pakistan’s first original script ‘Kiran Kahani’ aired in the earlys. After becoming a leading actress of Pakistani television, Omer stepped into film industry in lead role with Wajahat Rauf’s road drama film Karachi Se Lahorein which she was paired opposite Shehzad Sheikh.

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SZ yes, its the Tum affect showing up here lol. Early life He was born on July 6, in Lahore, Pakistan,[3] and gratuated as an electrical engineer from UET ineven though he did not work as one as he landed a role in a film. Member feedback about Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2: SZ edsi OMG im in stitches… uff!! SZ awww thanks for sharing. It seemed so natural and in character. Maybe wali can take qasim instead and do some cousin bonding on who gets the jaidad and leave Neelum and Mj together to fight it out!!

How come N mum is showing sympathy toward MJ. Baray Sahab might have thought of the sugar mill as no more than a harmless toy to pacify Wali, but clearly he has underestimated his seemingly quiet and submissive grandson.

Please, I want elisode Salima back! Despite this, the film became a box office success.

During the ceremony, the Hum Channel presented Awards in 24 regular categories along with in 3 honorary and in 2 special categories. That should make the show more interesting. I dont think ive ever enjoyed watching a drama so much. Her role, if any, is to grieve constantly and have Tor Jan whisper philosophical sayings into her ear. drsi

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Correct me i am wrong Like Like. By episode 23 Wali would have 2 children in his arms singing lullaby to them. It was actually much better episode than last week. Gashan neelam and that maid left no chance to ruin it but thanks to some very beautifully done scenes and top notch acting i enjoyed this latest instalment. More importantly, she is a vani with a dark secret. Notify me of new comments via email. With that question dei mind they Haroon Sheikh A cricket tournament coming to Sialkot which may be the club’s last hope.


W seemed so uninterested when doctor told him about the pregnancy that one wonders what happened to FK. Her acting bit is so justified. So very cleverly you have placed your two feet on two boats, keeping everyone happy. Retrieved 21 April Totally agree… one thing they seem to have done right is the promos.

How can I insert a smiley here? Retrieved 7 October Jo hum barikiyaan dekh nahin paate aap unhe bakhubi kehti hain. And, not just survived, but thrived! This award is one of the two Best Actress awards in ceremony, in which one is awarded to relevant film actress deesi by the decision of ceremony Jury, while other is being awarded on Viewers Voting’s.

And What happened to HM.

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The director is watching too much of Star plus serials I feel. Miraculously, though, she defied all odds and survived! SZ once again thanks for a excellent review, if possible please do keep it a weekly review. Is this his first serial?

It wasnt that big fall. First it goes on-air on Geo Kahani Monday to Thursday at 8: That may be the secret that has driven Amtul crazy.