If you love flash and high spots and nonstop action, this is NOT the match for you, as it’s a very methodical, ground based wrestling match, focused primarily on submission work, with very little else in between. Diesel shoves away his partners going after Shawn, chasing him up the aisle and backstage. Was this review helpful to you? Wrestling Still to Watch. Shawn Michaels, Casket Match: During , DiBiase had “purchased” the contracts of several wrestlers to form a heel stable. We split-screen the rest of the way, seeing Bret trapped in the center of the ring while Owen continues to tug at his mothers heart strings, but Stu isn’t buying it. Edit Did You Know?

Yokozuna won the match after opening The Undertaker’s urn , which, according to the storyline, contained the secret to The Undertaker’s powers. You get to be paired off with an evil pirate next. Pinfall after a Running Elbow smash. Shortly after Survivor Series Diesel was named the top contender to Backlund’s title. Luger denied having joined, despite Tatanka claiming that he had evidence that Luger had ” sold out ” to DiBiase. We have the interesting combination of Vince McMahon and Gorilla Monsoon doing commentary for the night. This was a comedic match which I enjoyed very much and was probably enjoyed by anyone who was under 5 at the time. Although Jerry Lawler and Doink the Clown had a storyline rivalry that dated back to when Doink turned on Lawler by dumping a bucket of water on him after SummerSlam , [10] the feud had rarely been mentioned since then.

Post-match, Lawler mistreats his partners, so all 6 midgets and Doink return to get one up on Lawler.

WWF Survivor Series Bret Hitman Hart vs Mr. Bob Backlund

Before Yokozuna could close the lid, however, The Undertaker attacked him and the two wrestlers fought while standing in the casket. The main event was next, featuring The Undertaker versus Yokozuna in a casket match with Chuck Norris as the special outside referee.

While Norris was distracted, however, Irwin R. Obviously, the main program at bacolund time was between Lex Luger and Tatanka, stemming from SummerSlam and the whole “You Sold Out” storyline that just kept dragging along. Use the HTML below. Finally, they try and put on a straight match, and Lawler pins Doink after rolling through a cross body and hooking the tights for good measure.


Retrieved 194 ” https: Archived from the original on December 15, Everyone involved in the main event of this match was just completely buried and ignored in the months following, and the sad part is, it wasn’t because more people were getting pushed.

Good crazy, by the way, not the previous two matches kind of crazy. About a half hour into the match, the craziness begins. He then rolled his opponent in to the casket and closed the lid to gain the victory. Promotional poster featuring The Undertaker.

10 Fascinating WWE Survivor Series Facts – Page 7

Bomb responded, and the two brawled briefly. Monday, February 25th This leaves Luger by himself surprise with all of the members of the Corporation.

The Very Worst of Pro Wrestling. The Heavenly Bodies attacked the Gunns prior to the match and stole the Gunns’ cowboy hats.

Survivor Series TV Special Doink and Lawler kept introducing new midgets to counter each other’s, as along with Dink, we were greeted with weeks of outstanding storylines introducing each new midget. Learn more More Like This.

With no corner man to save Bret from permanent injury, Owen begins pleading with his parents, Stu and Helen, who happen to be sitting sries ringside. Royal Rumble TV Special If you don’t care for the old school style of wrestling, though, then this is a Strong Recommendation to Avoid.

During an elimination match, Yokozuna was unable to injure The Undertaker, despite slamming The Undertaker’s head into the ring steps and performing the Banzai drop on him.

To anyone with half a brain, it seems obvious once v Doink or Lawler is eliminated, the match is basically over, since the rules implied sv that midgets wrestle midgets, and never anyone else. Schyster entered the ring from the other side and attacked The Undertaker. Yokozuna King Kong Bundy I didn’t know zombies had such hatred for the Japanese. I guess he still had some babyface in him to get out of his system.


He and Michaels argued backklund the ring while the rest of the team attempted to calm them down. I don’t know who came up with this stuff, but they deserve to be dragged out into the woods and shot with a crossbow through their brain. They put on the hats to mock the Gunns and then threw them on the ground and 1949 on them.

Doink the Clown- Clowns ‘R Us. WWE in the Raging 80s. After about minutes of persuasion, Helen finally steals Bret’s towel out of the hands of Stu and tosses it in the ring, giving Backlund the victory and his second official reign as WWF Champion.

Despite ten men being unable to accomplish this task the first time. Luger gets his butt handed to him, but manages a fluke three count on Srries.

Survivor Series (1994)

Undertaker returns, but it wasn’t the Undertaker. Add the first question. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

FujiYokozuna’s manager, hired nine other wrestlers to interfere on Yokozuna’s behalf. Pinfall after a Jacknife Powerbomb. However, with only days left before the PPV, that stipulation changed to swries the only way to win as to backlhnd your corner man throw in the towel, in direct reference to how Backlund lost his WWF championship to the Iron Sheik in December of Trying to break it down, Razor Ramon had recently regained the Intercontinental Title from Diesel, and along with their issues included the likes of the Kid and Michaels.