He is as meticulous in the kitchen at home as he is in his chicken restaurants. Gus invites Walt to dinner to advise him not to make the same mistake twice. Jesse recognizes the murder is similar to that of Combo a few months prior. His sales pitch to her comes to an abrupt halt when her five-year-old son, Brock, returns home. Gus invites Walt to his home for a private dinner, telling Walt that he made many mistakes when he first began working in the drug business. Hank refuses, however, and adamantly states that he will only leave the hospital when he can walk out. Meanwhile, Jesse takes an active role in his new enterprise, leading him to a startling discovery.

Besides that though, her involvement seems a bit out of the blue and changed some character traits of hers. As Hank struggles with his physical therapy and Skyler and Marie discuss his bills, Walt continues to contend with the possibility that Jesse is stealing some of the meth they cook for his own side-business. Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names. Suddenly, Pinkman sees the vicious cycle of the drug world up close and personal. Hank Dean Norris is doing physical therapy. John Shiban Thomas Schnauz. Plus, the whole plot with Jesse currently is devastating, in a lot of ways. Newer Post Older Post Home.

This is also when Jane left that lipstick stained cigarette in his ashtray— the one he found last episode. Suddenly, Pinkman sees the vicious cycle of the drug world up close and personal. There wasn’t much not to like about “Caballo Sin Nombre,” but I’ll get my complaints out first.

Hank Schrader Betsy Brandt Walt is the complete background man this time around and has inexplicably lost the paranoid side of his he had just one episode ago, while Bob Odenkirk did a great job as Saul as always, but still couldn’t make me enjoy the scenes they shared. You are commenting using your WordPress. Last time, she spun a tale of Walt’s gambling. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Critical reviews of U. However, and this is not a really a problem but more of a nitpick, having Skyler on board to assist Walt in the drug business is slightly disappointing.


You need to login to do this. However he feels differently when he meets her son Brock and then is left furious when he discovers that her brother Tomas killed Combo. Yesterday in the season premiere of Psych, Shawn expressed what the writers were thinking, essentially that The Mentalist is a carbon copy Jesse becomes mortified as he learns that Tomas was the one who killed Combo It’s hard to choose who is the most important character in each episode this season.

The next day, Jesse travels to the corner where Combo was killed.

Breaking Bad

Great soundtrack music, as always. Maybe it’s Gus who needs to learn not to make the same mistake twice?

At the end of the episode, Jesse returns to the scene of the crime, the corner where Combo was shot. He further has confirmation Gus Giancarlo Esposito effectively allowed a child to be used as a hitman, albeit inadvertently.

Breaking Bad – Season 3, Episode “Abiquiu” – Father Son Holy Gore

Jane Margolis Matt Jones X-Files Reviews Please read. This time, she dives into Saul’s side of the business, telling him how to properly keep the money safe with a vigor that is would seem to come from someone like Saul, not a mother with a baby. After leaving Saul’s office, Skyler summarj an alternative solution to Walt: John Shiban Thomas Schnauz.

Edit Storyline Skyler gets the sujmary of Hank’s hospital bills and decides the time has eummary to get more involved in Walt’s business affairs.

He sees a young boy circling around on his bike, the same one that shot Combo: Use the HTML below. It seemed much longer than two months, but Bones is back.

Skyler e;isode to help launder the money by managing the car wash. Marie Schrader RJ Mitte They actually cook together, like a couple old pals. Views Read Edit View history. Walt gets invited to dinner. Did he overhear something from the lab or notice the missing ounces? Looking past the plotholes and inconsistencies, Seaver with the observations no one else can make, and the general underuse of JJ in her bri Walt’s purchasing a laser tag arena would be too out of character, and would draw suspicion.

Not exactly a thrilling environment for him. Feedback Add your comments on this episode below. As the episode unfolded I looked for examples of that with our characters. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! With the meal Gus is saying that if Walt stays in Gus’s good graces then Walt will be rich and he will live his final days in luxury. Gus has his hands everywhere so he could know any number of things from Jesse’s drug dealing on the side to Skyler’s involvement.


Newer Post Older Post Home. The more interesting part for a lot of people was Jesse’s arc, in which he encounters a new girl and starts a strange relationship with her, following from his initial attempt to sell meth to her. Besides that though, her involvement seems a bit out of the blue and changed some character traits of hers.

Jesse goes to rehab and finds out that Skinny Pete and Badger haven’t sold any meth even though they planted the seeds a while back.

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Gus invites a surprised Walt over for dinner at his home. Saul suggests that they use money from Walt’s “gambling addiction” as seed money to buy a business to launder his drug money: Turns out Andrea has a kid named Brock, as well.

All we’ve seen so far is a detached Gus, politicking for his own ends, and all evidence still points to him as one who makes moves carefully and for a purpose handing the knife to Walt was kind of like a bitch slap but what if the dinner was just him being friendly? The episode was critically acclaimed. And who are you? Skyler is reaching that turning point where she is about to break and something inside of Walt–an ultimately redeemable quality of his–recognizes that she is heading down the wrong pass and gives her ample opportunity to back out.

Search this blog Sponsors Comcast digital cable deals. Breaking Bad isn’t a big picture show, focusing, instead, on the characters and their relationships to each other seqson their smumary to the drug trade. After getting his thumb sliced off, all he needed was a promise of money to stop yelling.