All this, based on what I could gather from the teaser. An enthusiastic and talented novelist Madhu comes to stay in a desolate mansion named Bhargavi Nilayam. I have managed to grab a copy today at Trichur. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Madhu invites him to stay with him and help around the place. He realises he had been wrong along, and the story is entirely different. Archived from the original on 16 October He falls into the well and is killed, while the novelist has a narrow escape.

I made the mistake of once visiting the local thatched-roof cinema talkie in the village before it got demolished, sadly. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Any thoughts about Chembarathy? It would have been memorable, am sure, for the ones living in those times too…Thanks for writing in…Cinematters. He starts writing the story of Bhargavi. I have watched the movie whenever it has been telecast on channels Asianet,Kairali Jai Hind. The letters give some indication about their love affair and their tragic death.

Nanukuttan stumbles upon one love note and is enraged. These influences are quite evident in Bhargavi Nilayam, a horror film about a writer intervening into a failed romance by contacting the spirit of its deceased female counterpart. Dear Rajesh, Balyakalaskhi is indeed being remade with Mammootty playing Majeed. I watched this movie after the suggestion from this article and it was a magnificent film!!

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They come to know from the nilaham people that it is a haunted house. Nilayamm Anil, That would be superawesomicilious!

If this exchange was of nilaam fulfilling kind, Basheer also introduced the heart-breaking version in his Mathilukaladapted to screen by Adoor Gopalakrishnanwhere the entire story revolved around a prison-wall and two souls in love on either side. I made the mistake of once visiting the local thatched-roof cinema talkie in the village before it got demolished, sadly. I will add the pics. The film mirrors in a meta-cinematic fashion the close and often symbiotic relationships between Malayalam filmmakers and writers in depicting a writer at work, collaborating with an intangible agency in the form of the eponymous Bhargavi.

What I still feel and this is the opinion of a couple of my cousins also, who are die-hard lovers of this movie is that this is one of the best of this genre and just might have been ahead of its times. The horror genre had been relatively unexplored in India during the release of Bhargavi Nilayam, or ‘The House of Bhargavi’. Dear CM I have watched the movie moviie couple of times on channels grainy ones, though.


Can I buy it online? The rickshaw pullers flee after dumping his baggage at the gate, unnerved by the place and more by the cool-as-a-cucumber novelist.

In a scuffle Nanukuttan pushes Bhargavi into a well, killing her.

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The novelist reads out the story to the ghost who by now has become quite compassionate with him. Sathyan Anthikkad have, by dint of superior control and direction, been able to bring to light the fragrance of the story. In a joint operation to clean up the inner-walls of the well in the backyard, thick with weeds and wild fronds, they rig up a rope and scaffold contraption which ends with the rope breaking off and Madhu falling into the well. Kairali Tv Owned the satellite right of this film and they playing this at regular intervals.

However, social prejudices seem to ruin their love life and invite the wrath of their communities. I have not seen mathilukal either. Nanukkuttan coerces his aunt to fix their wedding. The Times of India. It tells the story of a girl named Bhargavi who was murdered without fulfilling her dreams. Interestingly, in portraying the romantic interludes between Sasi Kumar and Bhargavi, Basheer introduces the garden wall, across which both of them pour out their hearts as and when they can.


Its here for anyone who wants it, dear Sibi. Archived from the original on 21 October He falls into the well and is killed, while the novelist has a narrow escape. During the fight both Nanukuttan and the novelist reaches bhargavo well in which Bharagavi was drowned. Thanks again for passing through.

The writer is so eager to hear it all from his muse, now that full has started off on his new project, and she does just that, but not all of it.


Even today, when I view it at night time, sitting alone, I get goose bumps bhartavi turn around to see whether someone is standing behind me and you keep hearing the soft foot falls and rustle of silk.

We need to speak more on that, but later.

I really really have my doubts on how he is going to pull that off without some serious restructuring of the story. The lyrics for the song “Ekanthathayude Apaara Theeram” is taken from the short story Anargha Nimisham. Have mentioned about the song in my post on Lullabies which you can read here.

Sasi Kumar barely escapes a murder attempt on him by an unknown assailant, a gunshot that misses him by inches. Edit Cast Cast overview: No marks for guessing how Kuthiravattam Pappu got his famous prefix from.

The real classical film. He fears that once the story is published the truth behind the death of Bhargavi and Sasikumar will be out. My best wishes to your efforts- keep up the good work!

Where can I find the malayalam movie ‘Bhargavi Nilayam (1964)’ ?

I too hope on Yakshi. Bhargavi is adamant, and Nanukkuttan plays his trump card. The lyrics are penned by noted poet P. Sasi Kumar finds a surprise companion across his seat, Nanukuttan who fibs about a sudden trip and a missing friend, and also hands over a food parcel which he says was send across by Bhargavi.

The terror is evident as he goes around updating the neighborhood eatery, his gang of friends and the Postman of his new address. All this, based on what I could gather from the teaser. The movie was also the debut of two actors, the lead actress Vijaya Nirmala in Malayalam cinema and a certain Padmadalakshan who would go on to become the Kuthiravattam Pappu as we know him today, with the moniker borrowed from this movie, MP Kuthiravattam.

Which beach was that? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Premalekhanam Mathilukal Kadhaveedu Balyakalasakhi Atlast i got the movie and i have seen.