However, the moment he tells his wife, Mittho Mona Roy that he has asked his niece, Runjhun Nivedita Tiwari to collect the result, she starts scolding him. Meanwhile, Amma, along with Abhigyan, again meets the priest, who indirectly hints about getting Runjhun married to Abhigyan. The Pandey mansion is geared in the preparations for a grand feast to celebrate Mahadevi’s success. In order to break the engagement, they indirectly instigate Guddu against Abhigyan. However, her own life is riddled with misfortune and hard work because of her circumstances. Amma chides Kalsanwali and tries to pacify Runjhun.

Amma gives a small handmade bag that contains Runjhun’s horoscope to Runjhun and asks her to submerge it in the Ganges the next morning. Kalsanwali then forbids Runjhun from telling anything about this complaint to anyone. Chandulo kalisi atalaadutunna anuani amrta tidutundi chanduriports chuasi,krshnashaak avutaadu, chanduni elaagainaa batikimchamani daaktars In a fit of rage, Rajju rebukes Guddu. Rajju gets irked to know that the glass got shattered because of a cricket ball allegedly hit by Guddu. In order to annoy Amma, they go to her and ask various questions about Runjhun’s engagement and her future husband. Guddu makes fun of her and tells her that he has spent the entire money.

Guddu then walks away.

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However, her own life is riddled with misfortune and hard work because of her circumstances. While returning, Amma gets hit by a cycle rickshaw. Soon, Runjhun finds herself in a dilemma when the epsode interrogates her. Later, Amma goes to the temple and prays to God to help her to find a suitable alliance for Runjhun.

Runjhun does not like this and asks Amma to let her do work, but Amma remains adamant. She also asks him to go to their place and bring the boy’s family at the time of engagement. Lakhan tells his wife about Runjhun’s horoscope and both decide to go to the Pandey mansion. Views Read Edit View history.

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Runjhun is dejected as she holds xpni responsible for losing Mittho’s money. Everyone is shocked when the cops arrive at the Pandey mansion. Soon, Guddu’s goons force everyone to close their shops as the tournament is about to begin. She scolds everyone for being irresponsible. Kalsanwali gets shocked and tells Vishnu that she is not used to doing household chores.


Her relatives try to convince her of all kinds of lies. Meanwhile, Vishnu tells Kalsanwali that she should have not forced Runjhun to go to Guddu’s place at night, but Kalsanwali ignores him.

Meanwhile, Abhigyan gets worried when he does not find the family at the address mentioned by Amma. Bantu owns a ladies’ bhagnwali store and obeys all the orders of his epsode religiously. Baante order to sort out the differences, Billo, along with Bantu, meets Amma. He manages to convince Amma that he will take good care of Runjhun. Amma gets furious and chides Rajju and Mittho.

The next day, Runjhun is engaged to Abhigyan, much to Amma’s delight and her daughters-in-law’s dismay. Amma feels that Lakhan will take good care of Runjhun and decides to send her along with him. Amma gets worried as she feels that all her sons and their wives are very greedy. She tells Runjhun that she should not listen to her aunts and let them do their bhaggonwali work.

Finally, Lakhan and his wife manage to sneak out with Runjhun, who unwillingly accompanies them. The next day, Bantu tells Billo to hide her ornaments as he fears that Guddu may barge in their house again if Vishnu fails to make the payment.

However, everyone is shocked to see Guddu arriving.

Later, in order to teach Guddu a lesson, Vishnu and Kalsanwali take Runjhun to the police station and file a false complaint against Guddu. Kalsanwali is very furious and tells Vishnu to collect the food grains from the bus depot which her father has sent for them, while Vishnu, a lawyer, is getting late for his work. However, Amma shocks them by asking Billo and Kalsanwali to find a suitable alliance for Runjhun. Chandulo kalisi atalaadutunna anuani amrta tidutundi chanduriports chuasi,krshnashaak avutaadu, chanduni elaagainaa batikimchamani daaktars Guddu, a local goon of the area, is irked with Vishnu for not answering his phone call.


The next day, Amma gets worried when Lakhan calls her and again blackmails her.

For latest updates on ETV Channels – www. Assuming it to be Runjhun’s call, Kalsanwali picks the phone. Meanwhile, Lakhan’s wife manages to bribe the cop and sets Lakhan free. They meet Mittho and tell her that they will not let any of her plans work and aphi to it that Runjhun does not get married. She takes the horoscope to everyone to know what it is, but no one entertains her.

On the other hand, Mittho and Rajju get shocked when the matchmaker informs them that prospective bridegroom’s family has decided to call off Mahadevi’s alliance. However, Kalsanwali’s young daughter, Babli, finds it and gets curious to know about it. Episode 50 – New and Cyber-Improved Amma later goes to a priest and requests him to find a suitable match for Runjhun. Guddu gets furious and chides everyone, and threatens Vishnu of dire consequences if he tries to tarnish his image.

Meanwhile, Guddu’s friends gather the cycle rickshaws and decide to march to the Pandey mansion. Later, Mittho and Billo get into an argument over Runjhun, as each one wants Runjhun to do her work first. Kalsanwali recalls that the boy indeed has a criminal background and was accused of burning his bhagojwali alive.

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However, Rajju gets shocked to know that apnj goods epiosde has met with an accident and incurred a huge loss. Amma is pleasantly surprised when Mittho tells her that she has found an alliance for Runjhun and the family will be coming to see Runjhun in the evening. Meanwhile, Guddu forbids his friends from doing anything which may harm Runjhun’s image and tells them that he himself will settle scores.

Rajju tries to read the horoscope, but fails to decipher its meaning.