When Tabitha’s teacher, Mrs. She is credited as playing “Diane”, but Samantha calls her “Annabelle”; filmed September 18, Samantha and Darrin later argue about her whereabouts, and she flippantly states she had been to the moon. We visited Salem for the big Halloween weekend and took a formal tour one night. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Later at a dinner party, Samantha uses her powers to get back at Darrin’s condescending ex-girlfriend Sheila Nancy Kovack. Asher was happy and smiled broadly throughout the ceremony, but underneath his joyful appearance one could sense that he was a little emotional when the statue was unveiled. When Samantha writes a play for the American Civil War ‘s centennial, she provides inspiration by bringing the characters to life.

Filmed March 25, Filmed January 9, On their first day in Salem, Samantha is in trouble as an antique bed-warmer starts to follow her around. Aunt Clara, reminiscing about the Victorian era, accidentally makes Queen Victoria appear. Filmed August 12, Filmed September 11,

Director-producer William AsherElizabeth Montgomery’s husband at the time, makes a brief cameo appearance as an irate motorist.

How ‘Bewitched’ Helped Salem Embrace Its Grim Past

Endora summons Samantha’s old boyfriend Rollo to try drive a wedge between her and Darrin. Stephens into a cat who scurries into the neighbor Ruth McDevitt ‘s back yard. Filmed June 20, Filmed July 25, Episods February 12, Fans thronged The House of the Seven Gables and other historic sites used in the filming. Reviewed June 26, Durwood!

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Aunt Clara accidentally turns Tabitha’s toy flying saucer into a real one, complete with canine aliens, right in the Stephens’ back yard.


Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: The statue would depict Montgomery sitting sidesaddle on a broom. The new maid is spectacular, but Samantha must find a way to let her go gently because aalem the frequent supernatural occurrences in the household. When Gladys finally catches Samantha in the act of using her powers, the quick-thinking witch convinces the snoop that she possesses the gift of ESP.

Bewitched S07 E03 – The Salem Saga (Part 1) – video dailymotion

Filmed July 29, Photo courtesy of Michael Linquata of fiilmed Gloucester House. Samantha’s jokester cousin Henry accompanies her, Endora and Tabitha to Hinkley’s department store.

How did Salem, Massachusetts become a Halloween destination? Tabitha is used as a model for a client’s advertising campaign, but her use of magic on her toys drives the photographer mad.

Endora presents an idea for a Mother-in-Law’s Day campaign for the Bobbins Bon Bons advertising account, and ingratiates herself by putting a spell on Mr.

Larry asks Samantha and Aunt Clara to entertain a visiting Japanese businessman who may be a potential client. Cab Driver Etienne Veazie Mary, the Good Fairy, a friend of Samantha, visits the Stephens household when Tabitha loses a tooth.

Suspicious of Darrin’s reasons for giving Samantha a unicorn pin, Endora casts a spell on it that causes mortals to tell the sale truth while they are near it.

But more trouble ensues when the artificial lawn company and a belligerent neighbor want it back. Maurice returns, again mentioning how glowing Samantha appears. Filmed September 5, Filmed August 11, Samantha and Darrin get a card from the boy Billy Mumy they took in last year for Christmas and have an episode-long flashback of the previous year’s holiday episode. Salem Witch Museum Admission. He said the city epiodes that the statue be placed away from sites associated with the witch trials, such as a park dedicated to the memory of the 19 accused witches hanged on Gallows Hill in While supported believed it would be good for epieodes to Philadelphia’s statue episoddes Rocky Balboa— others thought it was an affront to the innocent people who were murdered.


She admits to the charge.

‘Bewitched’ statue plan bothers, bewilders

The “special surprise” Samantha was going to reveal to Darrin at the beginning of the episode was not revealed, but presumably was the announcement that she was going to have another baby, which became the subject of the next episode. Kathy McCabe can be reached at kmccabe globe. Bombay is called to help. Campbell Cliff Norton is visiting, Endora livens things up by zapping up perfect busts of both Darrin and Larry, which also talk to the soused mortals. They came here 40 years ago to film three or four episodes, and now we’re going to put up a ‘Bewitched’ statue at one of our most visible intersections.

Parley Baer and Norman Fell guest-star. A Jacket From the Internment Camps. Gladys and Abner give Tabitha a share of stock which rapidly rises in value.