It was supposed to be. The problem is that the two of them have to do it together. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Drake tells Shelby about Janet Smythe’s inventions and the fact that she came to the school to watch a clock being installed. So the thing about having a mentor who’s a brilliant scientist is that sometimes you get to help out on some pretty important Janet, hey, is this a bad time? Lucky for us, your tuxedo is right here. I have no friends.

I am going to go with it. I should have known she couldn’t be trusted. That’s exactly why we need to stop it! Get away from me! Marci, you like Barry. I already feel horrible enough about everything going wrong. Previously on Best Friends Whenever Did you see the logo on that guy’s suit? Now let’s go figure out what the heck this place is.

Your hand is glued to my hoodie and shirt, isn’t it? Retrieved February 24, beest What do you mean you won’t deliver a pizza to me? We’ll figure something else out. They learn Janet Smythe created a tachyometer to track where Shelby and Cyd have time travelled.

Cyd tricks Shelby into time traveling unknowingly to 111 past so she can uncover what Shelby is giving her for Christmas in the present. Wait, I did used to live here. I think we’re about to find out.


Cyd and Shelby Strike Back: Part 1

Can’t play on this device. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! What am I supposed to say to Marci about this?

I hypothesized that our relationship was based solely on a shared love of science, but this evening has led me to an unexpected shelbh. This article’s content derived from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia See original source. A follow up question.

Shelby, I’m going to talk to you now. We need more time! She and Cyd try to use time travel to find out why he’s such a jerk. And now I can take care of you two. We will find each other. Cyd, we created a timeline where I live in Alaska and you live in Peru! Yep, still not wearin’ any. But Shelbs, we need to be together to time travel.

Barry and Naldo must help them by getting them to drink a lot of milk. Um Now is the part, I think, where you look in my hair for a fire truck.

Best Friends Whenever (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

You put lasers in your lab? Nora Dunn as Janet Smythe. The boys and girls compete to open the rift first for Daisy. Thanks, I appreciate that.


It’s not what you think. Don’t worry about him. Why was there a delay in our jump? I’m attempting to create a solvent to dissolve a super adhesive polymer I created this morning. You got adhesive on your hands, didn’t you? When they plan to prevent Janet from coming up with GloboDigiDyne, the results will not be as they expected.

Retrieved October 7, Cyd and Shelby discover that Janet Smythe is the one behind the future lab and seek to get rid of the lab and GloboDigiDyne. No, that’s never gonna change.

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Cyd, I think Janet Smythe lives in my old house! There were more traps! There’s a very good explanation for that.