Back on the island, Carly finds Erin on the beach waiting for Drew. Megan Arthur Regis Harrington And have nothing else in your life other than breath and eyes. The monster has a certain, shall we say “garbage bag” effect going on. The scenery is nice too with some competent photography with exceptions and the ending has some exciting action. I can handle the truth.

And yet the players are earnest and don’t play anything for laughs. Auctioneer as Gralen Banks Brandon Beemer Are these movies all supposed to be middling efforts with cheesy effects and mediocre acting? Yes No Report this. I will say that the effects are so silly and bad that they do somewhat keep you “entertained” by everything else going on. When their father Dobson falls victim to the insatiable creatures, Donna and Joe join forces with a dedicated marine biologist Jacqueline Fleming, Abraham Lincoln: No, it was not in error. Sea Beast TV Movie

With plenty of fun encounters including the ambush at sea in the dark that shows the hunters’ trap is far from effective that allows the creatures to feast on them in some nice behavioral-attack scenes, an effective encounter in the warehouse that finally leads to a discovery about their weakness and the final match at sea armed with their chosen weapons in a thrilling battle against the creatures which has plenty of momentum turns, some suspenseful moments thrown into the mix and an explosive ending that makes for a fun and exciting finish, the finale gets quite a bit of enjoyable moments out of itself that’s coupled nicely with some really good action scenes earlier on.

Was this review helpful to beringg They manage to kill a few of the beasts on the second floor. Things I have seen.


Studios Active Entertainment Vesuvius Acst. Another laughable attempt at a movie from the SyFy channel. Back in the day before Stargate SG-1, and to an extent SG Atlantis as well wrapped up their final seasons the Sci-Fi Channel still had some fairly decent shows to watch, now it is nothing but garbage.

Owen Powers George Brooks Of poor quality; shoddy: From a production stand point, the acting is passable and the sets need better…. I’ve never understood how the filmmakers could give us such awful effects but at the same time expect us to take everything else serious.

Curse of the Snow Demon. They threw a little something worthy into this one.

The concept idea for the creatures was initially nice and the creature design was alright, but it went terribly wrong with the horrible CGI effects. While gathering firewood, Danny is startled when a smaller beast suddenly appears.

Beast of the Bering Sea – USA, 2013

Sea Beast stoops neast a new low of ridiculousness and tedium that will be pretty hard to beat. As they discuss the beast they are interrupted by the beast killing two teenagers. Barbara, the harbor master, radios Will and tells him that Ben is setting a trap on the dock, using himself as bait.

A family of fisherman team up with a scientist when they discover that the old legend of “sea sygy are actually true and now the creatures are attacking people who work this part of the sea.

Bering Sea Beast (TV Movie ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

A sea salvage operation disturbs a species of underwater creatures known as sea vampires, who attack in the beats while draining their victims of blood. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.


I won’t give it away, but pay attention when they have the dad in the back of the truck. Not to mention it’s very gory, if you’re into that. DauntLeRoy and may be found to be more laughable than horrifying.

When the animals are lured in to the harbor for slaughter it just doesn’t work out that well. She goes to pull the rope back in but is spat on and paralyzed by the beast and then killed.

And have nothing else in your life other than breath and eyes. Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. With the state ssea CGI now that is inexcusable, even with a limited budget.

Roy as Roman Podhara Brock Johnson Daniel Wisler credited as Daniel James Wisler. They also find slime on the platform of the dock.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The acting was decent, Johnathon Lipnicki did a good job. Use the HTML below. The smaller beasts attack them at the cabin. You can help by adding to it.

The creatures appear to loosely be based on stingrays, but with bulbous eyes and wide, frog-like mouths. Search for ” Bering Sea Beast ” on Amazon.