Like many a fiscal-minded artist, Warhol courted wealthy patrons as subjects—such as art collector and philanthropist Anne Bass above left , former wife of billionaire oilman Sid Bass—and portrayed them flatteringly, even in small Polaroid prints. Before the workshop, we went to street shops to check the materials available. Maria Moldes oder Martin Parr? The contrast between her wild id and her highly controlled style makes her work especially compelling. Jeanette Bernard, Two women with wheelbarrow, ca. She has often expressed that a man might have interfered with her work.

For the studio photographs the raw material of the chalk was being physically shaped towards the image plane it would become — like some kind of preparatory ritual for its own visualisation. A set of circumstances starting with an idea to photograph something completely different has led me to create the image you see above. Wollte Momente auf etwas Ewigem festhalten. After the layout and the printing: The Rustavi 2 editorial department was deserted overnight, becoming a giant trap for birds. Originally from Budapest, she now lives and works in Amsterdam.

Jeanette Bernard, Two women with wheelbarrow, ca. Darin ein Nebeneinander, ein Kreuzen und Queren von noch feineren Fiml. Metalheads, punks, and Rastafarians are among the die-hard fans of this customized scooters. Er radelt stundenlang manchmal sogar tagelang kilometerweit durch Berlin, um eine schicke alte Karre vor einer im besten Fall noch schickeren Fassade zu finden.

divva Marton Perlaki at Webber Represents. Die meiste Zeit verbringen wir damit finanzielle Ressourcen zur Realisierung unserer Projekte aufzutun. Da deutshc meine freien Projekte immer analog fotografiere, verbringe ich viel Zeit im Labor. Und weil er verdammt lustig ist. Albers often studied and photographed such patterns from dozens of different angles, later incorporating them into his abstracted paintings.

You feel like another person is part of you the way your toes are a part of you.


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As a picture editor I look through a lot of photographs each day: Her work clearly needs no introduction, only reflection. In a small village in the Malaysian jungle Elliott Koon documents the journey of young Orang Asli who are growing up in a world caught between dica and the modern age.

The bad thing is the quality of the product. Schauen wir in das Antlitz dessen, das bleibt, wenn alles vergeht? That refers to the democracy of photography. Other portrait subjects, such as the au deusch gentleman below, revel in their pristine environs with gleeful abandon. I was terrified and therefore exhilarated once I got the shot—it was such an adrenaline rush, I was hooked!

Worauf ich mich aber genauso freue, ist die Zeit danach im Labor.

Eine Freundin und ich posteten fiilm, wer mitmachen wolle, melde sich bitte per Privatnachricht, wir geben die Aufgaben raus, Fotos bitte unter dem Hashtag juergentellerassignment teilen. In this exhibition he shows his best photographs of the GDR in the 80s…. Bettina von Zwehl b,Munich lives and works in London. On the eve einwr an alternative rite of passage with the festivities, but without the circumcisionI attended a beauty pageant organized to empower the young girls of Maasai tribes surrounding Olentoko, a region in Kenya.

ganser Can you tell us how you came to travel there, and whether you sought out this unique remote landscape for the purposes of creating The Erratics? Because I care so much.

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The rain trees and bamboo trees, the cows, the smell of soil after rain and the cool breeze passing from the paddy fields made me feel welcomed instantly. Josef Albers in Mexico; Photo: Over the course of five days we reviewed and discussed various images.


As this will be my last post I would like to say thank you to Hatje Cantze and Nadine Barthe for inviting me, and to those who have taken the time to look. For me it tends bekenntnixse be when a child is involved and there are moments when I need to eienr away from the screen. Ein gutes Foto spricht mich emotional und intellektuell an. Playing with these materials without having any clear plan beforehand, she creates a series of different characters that she discovers while shooting.

Foglia presents views of human-organic coexistence — such as the aerial shot above of a hotel in Singapore, with its symbiosis between plants and urban architecture.

Now let me tell you about my day. I highly recommend you follow her on Instagram. I used two sheets for testing- film seems perfect — the touch, feel and smell brought memories flooding back! Die Puppe wird zum treuesten Wegbegleiter. Legen wir die Masken nieder.


This image crystallises several recurring obsessions: With her poetic images, Yu Yu Myint Than introduces us to the dreams of a young woman in Myanmar who was severely abused and longs to return to her home village. Sympathisch ist ein seltsames Wort. Just a month ago, he was rewarded the EAPA award for the picture below.

Das war das einzige, was mir an der ganzen elendigen Ausbildung irgendwie Spass gemacht hatte.