Akashi is stunned to see that Kshitij has decorated his house for her, with her favourite flowers and food. Anupama Das 1 episode, Dheeraj Dhoopar — Dheeraj Dhoopar is an Indian television actor, model. Akashi and Shamar miss each other. Dolly Minhas Kamini Sanghvi 1 Episode. They all celebrate Purva’s godh bharai ceremony.

However, Bhavesh later on realizes his msitake and begins to understand that Shamar wasn’t responsible for Jigna’s death. Indian television series Star Plus television series Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings s Indian television series Star Utsav. A shocked Jay witnesses the whole scene. This section is too long. Her child is named Prem. Purva is a free-spirited girl who is grounded in the values given to her by her parents. She gets extremely upset and breaks down at the temple.

Meanwhile, Nisha decorates Mihir’s cabin.


They bring her to her original home but Kamini isn’t happy because she thinks it will create a rift between Purva and Mihir’s relationship. Purva asks Akashi why she went ahead ful the abortion.

Smriti too is heartbroken but she consoles herself. Here, Akashi gets injured and bleeds and is given a lot of care and affection by Shamar which finally makes things better between beehenein.

Kshitij tries to rape Akashi, and is very close to doing so, nevertheless she is saved by Purva, as Purva heard her praying at the temple and decides to follow her.

Anokhi-Bhavesh and Smriti-Jay get married in a double wedding. Rama’s last wish states that Puchki’s guardian is Purva and apologises to her as her last breath went.

Sharma shot to popularity with the web series Twisted. They reminisce about happier moments they shared together. She suggests Smriti to go through some therapies to improve her mental condition. But in her brother’s will, he says that the property will go to Neema after all the 4 sisters get married and sign the will.


Shamar hands over episose money he earned to Aakashi but she refuses to believe him. Anokhi already finds out the truth before anybody else does, as she hears Aastha singing Prem’s lullaby and confronts her about it.

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Indian epksode series Star Plus television series Indian television series debuts Indian television series endings s Indian television series Star Utsav.

She still mistreats Smriti and doesn’t like her at all. The doctor testifies in the court, saying that he changed the original report as he was given a bribe of Rs. Whereas, Mihir and Purva eventually fall in love during their honeymoon. Mihir makes a choice and decides to remarry. Jamnadas Majethia JD is an Indian actor, director and producer.

Meanwhile, Mihir consoles an upset Purva, who is worried about the hearing at court soon. She also takes very good care of Prem. Later they find out that srrial girl whom they thought was Puchki wasn’t her and that Puchki was alive as Akashi visits the Sanghvi house one day claiming that she saw Puchki while she was out shopping, but she got into a car with a man who turns out to be her father who wanted to sell her epispde money.

Kshitij agrees on one condition, that he shall not take any money but if he wins the case, Akashi will epsiode to spend the night with him.

Mihir searches a Godown where they find Puchki. In the meantime everybody plans a goodbye party for Prem and are very upset to leave him.

Just when they start to get intimate, Smriti’s lookalike, Aastha Asha episodr Tamil enters their life with a guy named Karan. Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4.

Hereby it is revealed only to the viewers, that Karan is evil and only wants to destroy the living of the four sisters. Akashi is stunned to see that Kshitij has decorated his house for her, with her favourite flowers and food. Akashi prays to Sreial to protect Shamar and his family. Purva tries to stop her and requests Shamar to stop her, serizl he refuses.


They have unpleasant encounters at first, nevertheless they soon get along and become good friends. She constantly ill treats Smriti along with Kamini. More evidence points towards Shamar, as Akashi finds out that the piece of cloth she found is a piece of Jigna’s dress indeed. Purva then tells Shamar that Akashi has already left for the hospital. He studied economics at St. Karan is behejein that his plan did not succeed even after killing Jigna and vows to take revenge on the sisters at any cost.

He tries to revive her and finds a letter she wrote to Mihir.

Therefore, Purva pretends to be Mansi on her wedding day by putting her wedding dress and a veil over her face after she, Akashi and Anokhi tie up the real Mansi. Akashi is disgusted when Kshitij tries to get close to her. Here it is revealed that Kshitij cancels his wedding with the other girl, since he still loves Akashi and cannot replace her with anyone else.

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night On the day of Purva Shastri’s wedding, her parents room catches fire while they are inside and they die.

Everyone knows that it is an accident however, Rama believes it was all Purva’s fault.